For deliciously perfumed and delicately shimmering skin

Whatever the occasion; a party or celebration or just because you are fabulous, ensure your scent delights and your skin shimmers and shines with Roger & Gallets Sublime Or Perfumed Body Cream.

Crème Sublime Or is a luxurious body care with a generous texture that is quickly absorbed by the skin leaving a velvety finish and also deeply moisturizing the skin after sun exposure. Leaving delicate gold flecks that settle on your skin in a subtle shimmer, beautifying the skin with radiance which will ensure a glow and shimmer.

Warm and addictive Sublime Or lightly fragrances your skin with its sophisticated scent combinations of bergamot, orange and melon along with cedar, coco and lisylang while also leaving the skin with a delicate golden shimmer. Perfect for highlighting and accentuating your skins glow this summer.

Roger and Galet




Roger & Gallet Sublime Or Body Lotion: Crème Sublime Or 200ml RRP €16.50

Complete the range for deliciously perfumed and delicately shimmering skin with Eau Sublime Or RRP 100ml €45.00