The Summer season can be hard on your hair – all of that humidity can leave you in a frizz fiasco. Going on holidays to a hot country can mean that your hair is constantly coming into contact with harsh conditions; the chlorine in the pool can leave your hair feeling dry and lifeless, and although beach waves look nice, while you’re lounging on the sand, detangling salty hair can be a major battle! The only solution to this holiday hair-horror is to style it – no one can pull off knotty beach hair at the dinner table.

Faro brushes collection

Luckily FARO have created the perfect range of products to help make your blow-dry or hair-styling experience a quick and easy one; no one likes wasting quality sunbathing time!

The FARO 32mm Ceramic Blowdry Brush €16.95 is perfect for everyday use. A winner in the IMAGE Beauty Awards 2017, it’s perfect for most hair lengths, suitable for extensions and reduces frizz and drying time. This is the brush for you if you want to create some volume at the roots and a sleek but bouncy blowdry.


FARO 32mm Ceramic Blowdry Brush €16.95

The next must-have FARO Brush is the perfect solution to the inevitable festival-hair mishap. If you brush your hair with the FARO Paddle Brush €19.00 before you wash it, the brush encourages the release of scalp oils. This is a great wash n’go brush when you don’t have time for styling – just give your hair a spritz of the FARO Hair Volumiser into your roots after brushing to give buildable volume and you will have achieved a simple yet stylish look!


FARO Paddle Brush €19

It’s also the most incredible brush for thick hair – when you blowdry your hair the natural oils will give you a gorgeous and glossy blowdry. It’s excellent for extensions as well, as it prevents pulling and snagging.

By festival day number two, hair can often feel greasy and flat. The FARO Hair Volumiser €11.00 prevents the dreaded festival bed-hair by creating subtle texture, but it also absorbs oil, helping to decrease greasiness at the roots – who needs a curler when you can create effortless volume and texture?


FARO Hair Volumiser €11

FARO is available from and selected pharmacies nationwide.