From her tiny artist’s studio in the tree-lined streets of Dublin 4, Jaanika Talts pours not only paint but also her emotions, thoughts and feelings onto canvas. Weaving, blending and layering, she brings colours together in magnificent fusion. Her work reflects her personality, fiery and gentle in equal measure. Hence, one never knows what to expect from the finished work. A garden perhaps where one wants only to gently move behind the flowers to see what lies beyond, or a sunset ablaze with azure, orange, cerise and dashes of teal, a city skyline at night or staring into one of her dark thought provoking abstract works with hints of mythological worlds and places long gone.

Born and raised in Estonia on the shores of the Baltic, Jaanika is the only daughter of Jaan Talts, the former Estonian Weightlifter, who competed for the Soviet Union in both the 1968 and 1972 Olympic Games. She moved to Sweden for some time but seeking a change Jaanika moved to Ireland in 2004 and discovered her love of acrylic paint and canvas.

Jaanika was accepted as a resident artist into The Gaslamp Gallery in 2017 where her works never fail to amass attention, admiration and discussion. Her paintings can be found in Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Australia, Germany, the US, the UK, Canada, Spain, The Netherlands, Estonia, the UAE and New Zealand.

In January 2018, she was commissioned by BT Ireland to produce a work that was presented to President Michael D Higgins. She also has a successful exhibition currently running with Carré d’artistes in Bordeaux, France.

Enigma is Jaanika’s first solo exhibition in Ireland and viewers certainly have enjoyed it!

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