‘Winding down for Christmas’ is rarely a turn of phrase that echoes our mental state come winter. What with parties, family reunions and last-minute work do’s, we can end up feeling more fatigued than fabulous. Hit that familiar point of exhaustion though and everything suffers, from your health, sleep, skin and energy levels.

With that in mind, consider these products from This Works as the best stocking-stuffers you’ll ever give! Amidst the frenetic joys and stresses of Christmas, these products can carve you out little pockets of peace and fuel you with restful, trouble-free nights.

This Works deep sleep pillow spray EUR22.00

75ml €22

Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

Get a great night’s sleep with the best-selling deep sleep pillow spray. Clinically proven to help you fall asleep faster and wake feeling more refreshed.

Use at bedtime to help reduce sleep anxiety and improve sleep quality. The natural, aromatherapeutic superblend of lavender, vetivert and camomile calm both mind and body, soothing you to sleep.

When we sleep our skin cells repair and harmful toxins are removed, making sleep the ultimate beauty secret and first step in your skincare routine.

75ml €33

75ml €33

Sleep Plus Pillow Spray

A fast acting natural remedy to help restore healthy sleep patterns for restless sleepers. Clinically proven to provide a better night’s sleep.

Sprayed directly onto your bed linen before you sleep, this potent formula is clinically proven to restore normal sleep patterns.

The award winning Deep Sleep fragrance, including lavender, vetivert and camomile, is encapsulated within each product, which, thanks to motion activated technology, is released continuously throughout your night to support a longer less interrupted sleep.

Good skin begins with a good night’s sleep as it uses this time to repair damage and remove toxins. This modern sleep saviour will leave you feeling and looking refreshed come morning and keep your skin looking the best it can.

75ml €22

75ml €22

Baby Sleep Pillow Spray

An ultra-gentle sleep spray, will help lull your baby into a peaceful slumber. Sprayed on cot bedding before bedtime, this safety-approved solution will help settle your baby, easing them naturally into restful sleep, without risk of skin irritation. Free from parabens, phthalates, sulphates and synthetic fragrance, our 100% natural formula is a delicate blend of calming lavender, soothing vetivert and balancing camomile.

A regular sleep pattern is the secret to a contented baby… and happier, rested parents.

Suitable for use from six months onwards.



Deep Sleep Heavenly Candle

A luxurious, hand-blended candle, enriched with pure essential oils of lavender and camomile.

Unwind in the soothing glow of this fragrant candle, calming mind and body before bed. A powerful blend of calming lavender and soothing camomile essential oils aids relaxation as you wind down at the day’s end. The soft, flattering light of this long-burning candle, together with its therapeutic fragrance, combine to help soothe senses and increase inner peace.

This Works is available at AVOCA, Red Earth, Seagreen Stores, Shaws Dept. Stores and many pharmacies nationwide.