Scents are incredibly powerful at evoking memories, soothing the senses and transporting you to another time and place. Take your senses to warmer days ahead with Field Day’s best-selling fragrance, Linen. A year round favourite, it evokes the smell of freshly laundered linen, and washing swaying gently on the line. Linen features a fresh lavender fougere with notes of geranium, rosemary, pine and eucalyptus, resting on a base of patchouli, sandalwood and vanilla.


Perfect for anywhere in the home, the fragrance is a particularly great choice for bedrooms, as lavender is a natural relaxant, which, according to a study at Southampton University, can increase your sleep quality by 20 percent. While some people aren’t fans of the smell of lavender alone, the stunning fragrance mix in Field Day’s Linen makes for a fresh yet comforting scent.

Field Day Linen candles, including votive candles, €10.95 – with a 20-hour burn time – and large candles, €17.95 – with a 40-hour burn time – contain a fragrance content of nine percent, while the industry average is around three to five percent. And, as all Field Day Ireland candles are double-poured and fully infused with fragrance, they release the same lovely scent right down to the very last inch of wax. For a flame-free option that works anywhere in the home, choose a Field Day diffuser, €23.95, made with around 30 percent fragrance and featuring white fibre reeds to cast a beautiful and long lasting scent.


Carry the fragrance throughout the home with the full Field Day home fragrance range. Products include scented fresheners, €3.95; scented sachets, €4.95; soap bars, €6.95; drawer liners, €12.50; handwash, €15.95; and hand and body cream, €16.95.


The Field Day Ireland home fragrance range is stocked in over 250 stores in Ireland and the UK. Find out more or buy online (shipping worldwide) at