Headpieces by Cathy Troth is a recently launched millinery business, which came to fruition, following a very long journey back from Dublin with a friend who convinced her to turn her hobby and passion into a full-time job. And aren’t those the best jobs? Cathy took the plunge in May, 2015, and hasn’t looked back since.
“I design, create and retail occasion and bridal headpieces and veils – for the races, for members of bridal parties and wedding guests. For brides, I can make anything from a small, diamante comb, right up to elaborate pieces and full-length veils. Each piece is only created following a consultation with the client. Talking to each individual customer gives me a valuable insight into their personality, which I then look to reflect with my designs.”
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“I have a passion for vintage styles, craft and artistry, which often inspires me to use elements uncharacteristic of millinery in my creations. I feel this further ensures the uniqueness of each individual headpiece. I feel that my pieces stand apart, both in terms of my approach and the price ranges within which I operate.  Some pieces can be inspired by colours or textures in nature, whereas others can just come together organically from using and handling the different materials.”
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Cathy’s unique headpieces are so awe inducing that the media cannot get enough of them, having been featured in photoshoots for both Brides of Kerry and Irish Wedding Diary magazines. She was also shortlisted for MIlliner of the Year at Cork Fashion week in 2015. “This gave me an invaluable opportunity to showcase my creations to a new range of potential customers.”
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And so it did! Cathy then worked with Lorraine Keane for the Keane on Style in Killarney feature and featured twice on RTÉ Today the following January. “After such a busy first few months of my business venture, my main aim was to continue with more of the same. I felt I had gained valuable experience and had a sturdy foundation to continue building on.”
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As we mentioned, millinery began as a hobby for Cathy. And many hobbies are born from a need for a distraction or creative outlet. In 2012, Cathy started what was then known as Savoir Faire to help hew through a longstanding period of PTSD and depression following the death of her son a number of years before. “Initially, I was mainly upcycling unwanted jewellery donated by friends and then either selling the new creations at a local farmers’ market or using them as gifts for friends and family.
“The greatest compliment is the smile of a satisfied customer.
“Having always had a keen interest in fashion and accessories, I seemed to quickly develop a natural flair for this and soon found myself being asked by friends and family for a wider variety of projects.
“This is where I discovered the idea and passion to start what is now Headpieces by Cathy Troth – essentially, a rebranding of Savoir Faire devoted to millinery.”
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“Ultimately, I would like my name to be recognised throughout the millinery world in Ireland and to be associated with creative, unique and affordable headpieces.”
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