Christine O’Connor is a freelance make-up artist for seven years now. From working on fashion shoots like RTÉ’s Nationwide with Ashling Thompson, to making up clients like Dee Devlin, from looking after full bridal parties, to doing one-to-one lessons with anyone in need of tips, and as a former Inglot Senior Artist, Supervisor and Store Trainer, Christine has the experience and knowledge under her (brush) belt!

“Make-up was always a passion of mine from a young age. I love the artistry of working with colour, shapes and ideas. When I did my first artistry course, it was for my own personal hobby and love of make-up. I was studying at university with a different career in mind at the time but once I started I was hooked and knew this was the path for me.

“The best bit is making people feel good and seeing their reaction to the finished look. But I also love getting to know people’s unique styles because everybody has different preferences – from the overall look to the details.”

Constantly immersed in the cosmetic scene, Christine can be trusted at predicting this Spring’s colour trends too. “Deep, warm colours have been popular for the last year or two, so I’m predicting softer warm colours. Peach tones are beautiful on blue eyes. Rose pinks are lovely to create a rose gold look with.”

And what other beauty secrets can she share with us?

“With the rise of contour and highlight in mainstream make-up, I have notice that blush is becoming less popular, particularly with younger people. I definitely understand where it comes from as a strong blusher can be quite dated looking, so personally I don’t think like a whole lot of it on myself but I would never skip it completely. A light dusting of blush can do wonders to your cheeks and can even amp up the sculpting created by the contour.”

And for the girlboss on the go, are multi-purpose products the way to go?

“If they work well, then I’m all for it! But nearly any product can be multi-purpose, if you use your imagination. If you have a lovely champagne eyeshadow, try it as a highlight. You can use a bronzer as a natural eyeshadow. Try a matte brown eyeshadow as a brow powder. There are so many possibilities in your make-up bag!”

The number of products we’re toting around in our handbags just plummeted! But one thing we won’t be taking out is a fluffy eyeshadow blending brush.

“Eyes are usually the triest bit but the key is blending and you can’t do that well without a good fluffy brush.”

Now, we know no one wants to do it – no one even wants to talk about it – but cleaning your make-up brushes and applicators is super important both for the look you’re trying to achieve and especially for your health.

“As an artist my kit brushes get cleaned after every single client. For make-up consumers it depends on how often they get used but generally I would recommend once a week with a spot cleaner, like MAC’s brush cleaner. I would also recommend doing a deep clean with shampoo and warm water – I use Johnson’s baby shampoo – perhaps once a month, again, depending on how often you use them.”

Another great reason to keep your applicators clean is to keep your cosmetics clean. Those expiration dates on the back? Not really a suggestion. However, Christine does suggest that it depends on the product.

“Creams and liquids hold more possibility for bacteria due to their moisture. Again, as an artist, everything in my kit gets sanitised and I always use a palette for creams but can you say the same for your day-to-day make-up bag?

“Think about how often your brush – or finger – might double-dip into a pot of concealer after applying it to a spot.”


“Powders don’t offer moisture to bacteria, so are less likely to harbour it. However, any unusual smell, discolouration or performance of the products is always a red flag.”

Christine is based in Ballincollig, is available for callouts for bridal parties and group bookings and can be contacted at 086 169 1119. Visit or christineocmua on Facebook.