If getting to the salon is a problem then you can take care of that pesky body hair at home if necessary. Sugar Coated is a new Vegan friendly wax with sustainable cotton strips which are washable and reusable. Here Rosie the clever creator gives us the 10 top tips for the ultimate at home experience.



  1. Make sure the hair is long enough to wax – ideally a 1⁄2 cm long
  2. Make sure the area is completely clean and try not to use any oil-based washes or lotion prior
  3. It’s worth exfoliating the day before to get rid of any dead skin cells, as they can clog up the wax or lead to ingrown hairs
  4. Choose one of 4 types of cruelty free, vegan, reusable Sugar Coated Sugar Wax variants
  5. Always apply in the direction of hair growth and pull against hair growth
  6. Always stretch the skin so as not to cause damage
  7. Apply a non-scented lotion afterwards – anything with Aloe Vera is best, as it is cooling as well as anti-bacterial
  8. Wear loose, comfortable clothing afterwards to avoid any friction, irritation or reactions
  9. Repeat the exfoliating process after 2-3 days to avoid ingrown hairs
  10. Remember, your pain barrier can be lower when you’re due your period, so choose your timing well


You can get it in Dunnes (Beauty) Stores, online at LIFE and McCauley pharmacies and in Allcare, McCabe’s and leading independent pharmacies nationwide.