Super brand L’Oreal have changed its best selling mascara? We all know that it’s hard to find one that you love and you aren’t always going to be loyal to it but Lash Paradise was a bit different. We all loved the way it glided on and the lush finish. One was sold every mnute in the UK and Ireland so it was risky business changing it.


So what’s changed? Firstly, they upgraded the wiper. Even though the ring inside the mascara tube’s mouth is the smallest part, it’s crucial to its performance as it determines how much formula goes onto your lashes. With a new and improved wiper, each flick remains fresh from opening until final application.


The blend of gentle oils and an upgraded  soft-glide formula means that application is even more effortless.

The formula offers the same instant volume with a feathery-soft application, even on sensitive eyes: lash-loving castor oil for encouragement of lash growth, soothing cornflower water to respect sensitive eyes and nourishing rose oil for instant volume in one easy swipe.

Keeping the same beloved brush with its alternating straight and wavy fibres for maximum impact in one instant sweep, means Lash Paradise’s loyal followers won’t be disappointed with its new and updated look.


It’s always daunting upgrading a  beloved product, but the research speaks for itself: Instrumental testing* over an eight week period measured a  +98% lengthening effect, 93% found that their lashes were more voluminous and had a +98% lengthening effect.

The new wiper means that Lash Paradise stays fresh after each use and has proven  to glide onto the lashes more smoothly, making it even easier to apply whilst maintaining the same, beloved  volume result.

L’Oréal Paris Lash Paradise available in Black, Intense Black, Waterproof Black, Brown & Primer nationwide end July, 2020, €16.50