With the months flying past and Summer approaching fast, swimwear is a topic that comes up all year round when I am asked for advice.

Whether you’re into the itsy bitsy teeny weeny polka dot bikini, the high-waisted look or the full-on swimsuit, there is something for everyone to feel fabulous pool side, sea side or by the paddling pool in the back garden.

By now you’ll know I’m not afraid to talk about the reality of back boobs, Mum tums, thunder thighs and so on. It’s life. And it’s real. But these hang ups don’t have to make you avoid swimwear; one style does not fit all.

Swimwear for the curvier lady for a long time was high-end priced but now more stores are slowly but surely catering for the va va voluptuous figure with a more budget-friendly price tag.

I am a huge fan of the full swimsuit and I want to kiss the person that invented the tummy-tuck lining in certain suits; they pull you in and pull you up in all the right areas, giving that extra bit of confidence, so keep an eye on the label for the control wear.

The two-piece – the one most shy away from – can be adapted to suit your shape; high-waisted bottoms are a God-send; they create shape and the contours also skim over the love tum and love handles, so your sassiness can shine!

The top of a two-piece can be challenging for bigger busted gals. I recommend fuller straps to give balance and to hold in the back bumps and the boobs; we need the gals intact at all times!

Tankinis and skorts can sound like a foreign language. If you’re conscious of your thighs, these are fab, as they hide a bit more of your modesty, covering the top of the leg, making you feel less exposed. Tankinis are ultra-comfy; a top and shorts or skirt (skort) that you can swim in, what’s not to like?

There is a huge, huge range out there, so have fun discovering what’s available. Here are some of my favourite stockists:

  • Curvy Kate D-K cup 
  • F+F Tesco 
  • George Asda 
  • Dunnes Stores 
  • Penneys 
  • Debenhams