You’ll fall in love with this brand, especially if you have sensitive skin.

When it comes to skincare, it can often be difficult to find quality products that won’t break the bank. With a myriad of brands out there, it can be a bit of an overwhelming process too. As the affordable, accessible, dermatologist-recommended solution to hydrate, restore, and replenish skin, CeraVe has received more Seal of Acceptance awards from the National Eczema Association than any other brand, so in particular, if you have sensitive skin it’s a brand you definitely need to check out!

Moisturising Cream (RRP €16.80 FOR 454G)

The hero product of the range, this formulation is suitable for use on eczema-prone and atopic skin. The rich, oil-free formula helps restore the protective skin barrier and provides all-day hydration, thanks to the combination of ceramides, hyaluronic acid, glycerin and the MVE delivery system. Despite its proven moisturising ability, the cream is non-greasy and gives a soft, powdery finish. Also available in a 177ml tube [€10].


Facial Moisturising Lotion SPF 25 (RRP €13 FOR 52ML)

Perfect for those who want their daily moisturiser to offer protection from photo-ageing too, this light moisturiser contains ceramides, hyaluronic acid, glycerin and niacinamide, alongside the MVE delivery system, helping to restore the skin barrier and guaranteeing all day hydration. But it also comes with broad spectrum SPF 25 sunscreen which provides protection against UVA and UVB rays. The formulation, most suitable for those with normal to dry skin, spreads easily and dries with an invisible finish.

Moisturising Lotion (RRP €11 FOR 236ML)

Containing the same powerful combination of ceramides, hyaluronic acid, glycerin and the MVE delivery system, this lightweight, oil-free formulation is designed for those who prefer to use a lotion rather than a cream. Easily absorbed, yet still offering all-day hydration, it can be used all over the body, including the face. Also available in a 473ml version (€14).

Facial Moisturising Lotion (RRP €13 FOR 52ML)

An ultra lightweight facial moisturiser, designed to be used under a separate sun protection by day or alone at night, the non-comedogenic formula, ideal for those with normal to dry skin, is rich in ceramides, hyaluronic acid and niacinamide. A highly efficient moisturiser, the MVE delivery system ensures it continues to be effective long after the initial application, offering long-lasting hydration and helping to restore the protective skin barrier.

Hydrating Cleanser (RRP €9 FOR 236ML)

This non-foaming lotion effectively cleanses, hydrates and helps restore the protective skin barrier, thanks to a blend of ceramides, hyaluronic acid and glycerin. Specially designed for normal to dry skin, the soapfree, oil-free formulation is so gentle it can even be used on children (aged 3 years+), gently removing dirt and oil from the skin but thanks to the sophisticated MVE delivery system, also helps to increase skin hydration after just one use. Also available in a 473ml version (€11).

Foaming Facial Cleanser (RRP €10 FOR 236ML)

Created for those who prefer to use a foaming cleanser, but don’t like the tight feeling that can come with it, this soap-free, oil-free cleanser designed for normal to oily skin includes CeraVe’s ceramide complex, along with glycerin and niacinamide and removes excess sebum without disrupting the skin’s protective barrier. Its gentle foaming gel action cleanses and refreshes skin while removing excess oils, dirt and makeup without stripping the skin. Also available in a 473ml version (€13).


Reparative Hand Cream (RRP €5.50 FOR 50ML)

Because hands are so often overlooked, but all too often suffer from dryness and irritation or contact dermatitis, the CeraVe hand cream contains the same potent combination of ceramides, hyaluronic acid, glycerin, niacinamide and the MVE delivery system that you’ll find in the moisturiser. The result is a non-greasy formula that deeply moisturises dry, cracked hands and helps restore the protective skin barrier.

Eye Repair Cream (RRP €12 FOR 14ML)

Alongside ceramides, hyaluronic acid, glycerin and niacinamide, the CeraVe eye cream contains marine and botanical extracts leaving the area around the eyes looking brighter and more awake. The MVE technology ensures that, while lightweight, this formula offers long-lasting hydration for the delicate eye area, whilst restoring the protective skin barrier. The allergy-tested, non-comedogenic, fragrance-free formulation means it is suitable for even the most sensitive of skins. CeraVe, the cult American skincare brand now available in Ireland CeraVe was developed by a board of US dermatologists. The formulators of CeraVe discovered that a blend of humectants, emollients and three specific ceramides help to restore the skin barrier, giving plump, hydrated skin. CeraVe uses a patented technology, known as MultiVesicular Emulsion, Technology (MVE) that gradually releases the ceramide enriched formula over an extended period of time. It’s these two technologies: Ceramides and MVE that give CeraVe its name. The entire range is fragrance-free, paraben-free, allergy-tested and noncomedogenic. CeraVe products are available in Irish independent pharmacies.