Contouring can add the finishing touch to any look, so it’s important to have the right tools so you can sculpt, define and shape to your heart’s content. Blank Canvas have the perfect combination, so that anyone from makeup novice to makeup pro can accentuate their natural bone structure and enhance their sculpted beauty!


  6 Contour/Highlight Palette Powders €17.00

The perfect palette filled with 6 extra-large pans containing shades of colour to contour, highlight and sculpt all skin tones, including one highlighter, one yellow highlighter, one beige setting powder, one peachy orange blusher and 2 bronzers, one light and one dark. The palette has everything you need to sculpt, shade and add definition to the face!



One Stop Contour/Blush Dimension Series Plus €17.99


Blank Canvas’ newest addition to their line is the One stop Dimension Plus sets. The One Stop Contour/Blush Brush Set is the perfect set for sculpting your bone structure and creating depth and definition on the face. Ideal for use with powder products making it the perfect duo with the contouring pan.

Blank Canvas F87 Small Tapered Face Brush is a must-have for any makeup lover. Use it to apply blusher, bronzer or powder to larger areas of the face.

Blank Canvas E90 Jumbo Blending Brush is a multi-purpose brush. Use it as a large eye blender, or precise highlighting, contouring or as a finishing powder brush.