Retinol in the past has had mixed reviews especially when it comes to senstive skin, however it is impossible to overlook the benefits and results especially on ageing skin.

RETINOL B3 is one of many exciting new launches for La Roche Posay this year. It is a Retinol serum specifically formulated for sensitive skin. It has pure Retinol combined with a compensating molecule Vitamin B3.
It contains pure retinol and gradual release retinol with Vitamin B3 and Glycerin..
  • Reduced deep wrinkles
  • More uniform skin complexion
  • 24h hydration
  • Even for sensitive skin
  • it is non sticky, light and lightly perfumed
RECOMMENDED at night with an SPF the next day.


La Roche-Posay, the anti-ageing expert for sensitive skin, has launched their first Retinol serum to fight the visible signs of ageing with a unique formulation for sensitive skin.

Sensitive skin is in a state of chronic inflammation due to nerve fibres being much more active.Stress, free radicals, UV & pollution irritate nerve fibres which causes inflammation in both cells of the epidermis and dermis.These cells release substances that lead to the breakdown of collagens and elastin. This accelerates the ageing process


With 66% of Irish women claiming to have sensitive skin, the new launch from La Roche-Posay is a welcome skincare solution.   Retinol B3 with 0.3% Retinol combats the visible signs of ageing and is dermatologist recommended for sensitive skin. Retinol B3 is best for those concerned with dehydration, skin irregularities (complexion) and wrinkles, but also searching for a serum suitable for sensitive skin.