A powerful play exploring mental health is coming to The Everyman next week

Cracks will be performed in The Everyman Palace Theatre on Wednesday, March 20 and Thursday 21.

“I’m falling between the cracks in myself, and I don’t know how to crawl back out…”

In this darkly comic and deeply moving new play, an unsuccessful suicide attempt leaves young Leanne Dowd estranged from those she loves and attempting to pick up the pieces of a life still shattered by mental illness.

In Cracks, Quintessence Theatre use their inventive physical ensemble story-telling techniques mingled with film and music to explore the profound struggle of individuals with mental illness face on a daily basis in Ireland today.

First devised by the company in 2016 and directed by Anna Simpson (a Creative Associate of the Pleasance and Practitioner with the Globe, London), this new work, already revived multiple times for sell-out runs, seeks to expose the lived experience of battling a severe mental illness in an inefficient and unsympathetic system through the eyes of one young woman.

Indeed, Quintessence Theatre is committed to staging a variety of narratives in their diverse productions thus far:

“We believe in play; we believe in collaboration; we believe in amplifying voices not always heard; and we believe in the democraticisation of art: that it should reach people beyond the cultural hubs of large urban populations. We believe that great work can be made from modest means if you have those quintessential elements: a story, a performer, and audience.”

Thankfully, the dialogue surrounding mental health is becoming increasingly more open and plays such as Cracks further contribute to breaking down the stigma. We can’t wait to see it!

Each performance of Cracks is followed by a short post-show discussion with the cast/director and a mental health professional. For tickets and further information, check out the Everyman’s website. Tickets are priced at €20 for an adult, €18 for concession and €9 for students.