About Hi

Hi Media Group is the largest and leading magazine publisher in Munster. With readers from Clare, Cork, Kerry, Tipperary and Waterford as the counties of Munster and a global audience of Munster people interested in their home area, our magazines include Hi, Hi Business, Hi Weddings, Hi Man, Hi Food and Hi Home. We also have a contract publishing and book division. Each of the magazines is the Hi family are focused on a specific area and specialise in that area for an audience interested in that subject.  Our main magazine is Hi, which is Munster’s Social Diary and is published monthly for the stylish fashionistas across the Clare, Cork, Kerry, Limerick, Tipperary and Waterford counties.

Hi magazine is a Social, Fashion and Lifestyle magazine with pages of galleries of events taking place all over Munster. From ladies day events at the races to charity lunches and fashion events and much, much more, Hi magazine is a MUST monthly read for everyone interested in fashion, style, beauty and all that is going on in the social scene of Munster. Every edition of Hi is available FREE online or as a printed copy in shops throughout the region.

Our Team

· Publisher & CEO:  Michael Mulcahy 021 500 30 60 michael.mulcahy@no1.ie
· Editor:  Mary-Jane O’Regan 021 500 30 50 maryjane.oregan@no1.ie
· Deputy Editor:  Pam Ryan 021 500 30 50 pam.ryan@no1.ie
· Sales Manager:  Susie Brown 021 500 30 50 susie.brown@no1.ie
· Lead Designer:  Anna Vavoliza 021 500 30 50 anna.vavoliza@no1.ie
· Web Designer:  Cian Frahill 021 500 30 50 cian.frahill@no1.ie
· Accounts:  Lorraine Cahalane 021 500 30 50 lorraine.cahalane@no1.ie
· Recommended Partner Manager:  Laura Warren 083 881 93 77 laura.warren@no1.ie

Our Events

Hi Media Group organises and manages some of the leading and most stylish events in Munster. The Tia Maria Hi Style Awards and The Company of the Year Awards are renowned for their style and recognition of people across the Munster counties of Clare, Cork, Kerry, Limerick, Tipperary and Waterford in the coming months.

Free Magazine

Every edition of the various Hi magazines is available FREE online. This is part of our strategy to have over 250,000 people reading our magazine annually. In addition, you can purchase amagazine in shops in Munster or have it delivered by subscription right to your door. We aim to make our magazines available to everyone and in every way that you want them.

Postal Subscriptions To Any Part Of The World

If you would like to subscribe to Hi, Hi Business, Hi Weddings, Hi Man, Hi Food or Hi Home, call us at 021 500 30 50