Inspired by Chupi’s long-standing love affair with diamonds and traditions, The Classic Collection launched this month, features timeless treasured heirlooms designed to mark those precious moments, with pieces that become part of your everyday wardrobe. A special slice of your story to be worn and celebrated each day.  


The latest collection by Chupi is for those who embrace romance, storytelling and everlasting style.  From traditional wedding bands and delicate Edwardian styles, to cultivated lab grown diamond rings, this collection showcases classic designs with a modern twist. 


The Collection


The Edwardian Three-Diamond Ring, Necklace & Earrings:

Chupi’s inspiration for these heirloom pieces came from a vintage Edwardian ring from her great-aunt. The Edwardian era was renowned for its ethereal and delicate designs, drawing inspiration from the 18th century. The almost whisper delicate milgrain setting encases each diamond, blurring the line between the gold and diamond to enhance its appearance.


The Edwardian Set consists of 3 new pieces:


The Ring:

A diamond solitaire is flanked by two tiny classic diamonds, atop one of Chupi’s signature polished ring bands available with either diamonds or lab-grown diamonds. 

The Necklace:

A bezel set diamond solitaire necklace sits on one a fine 14k gold chain.

The Earrings:

A pair of bezel set diamond solitaire stud earrings. 


Love is Ours:

This is the most loved style from Chupi. Three-diamond rings have long been given and worn to symbolise hope for what has been and what is to come. Three diamonds, each representing the past, the present and the future.


Available in diamond and lab-grown diamond variations, Love is Ours is the newest addition to Chupi’s beloved three diamond ring collection, the little sister to the much loved 1 carat You, Me & Magic ring and big sister to the half carat Love is All


The Georgian Half Eternity Ring

Inspired by the dramatic jewellery of the Georgian era, make a statement with a diamond eternity ring. Set with nine diamonds and paired with Chupi’s signature hawthorn twig band, this is the perfect balance of beauty and strength.


The wearing of eternity rings dates back to ancient Egypt. With no beginning and no end, this infinite circle represents the eternity of life. It’s the perfect heirloom piece to symbolise some of life’s most important moments of love, strength and everything in between. 


Classic Flat Wedding Ring & Classic Dome Wedding Ring

Inspired by the traditional wedding rings our grandparents wore, these wedding rings are designed with both flat and D curved profiles with a narrow width, a whisper of gold in an infinite circle, to represent one of the most important moments in our lives. 

These unisex wedding rings are made to be worn and loved by everyone. The classic wedding ring collection includes flat and curved or thin and wide styles to suit your personal preference.


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