Happy New year readers! We are thrilled to see pharmacy favourite Vichy launching a brand innovative treatment right on time for our new years resolution to be babes of Insta for 2020. We all know that vitamin C plays a vital role in skin health? What if you could be bright and glowing for a mere €59.00?  Read on….


What is the first VISIBLE sign of skin ageing?

 Wrinkles. As the elasticity of skin diminishes over time and collagen production slows, wrinkles start to appear.   But when they start to appear is influenced by a number of aspects; external aggressors such as UV rays and pollution, and individual lifestyle factors such as diet, alcohol, sleep and stress levels.   How can we fight the onset of fine lines and wrinkles to keep skin looking youthful, while simultaneously protecting against further damage?     Vichy Laboratories presents the answer. Vichy LiftActiv Specialist Peptide-C Ampoules  deliver  a  potent  shot  of  targeted  action  to  fine  lines  and  wrinkles simultaneously working to deliver smoother skin AND strengthen skin’s natural defences against early alterations in the skin’s barrier. Each LiftActiv Specialist Peptide-C Ampoule contains a powerful cocktail of actives and peptides, clinically proven to diminish the appearance of wrinkles and increase skin’s resistance against external stress factors.



The airtight Ampoule protects the complex of actives against UV rays, heat and oxidation so the formulation can be created without preservatives. No preservatives means higher concentration of actives  and higher concentration of actives means more efficacy.


Each ampoule contains a double dose of formula – for use morning and night.

Using a tissue, carefully crack the lid off the glass ampoule, and attach the specialist applicator.

Twist off the applicator cap and squeeze the applicator to release half the

contents of the ampoules, before applying to clean skin.   Use ½ after cleansing in the morning

and the rest in the evening.  Wait 30 seconds before applying your normal skincare routine.


Vichy recommend a hyaluronic acid booster such as Vichy’s Mineral 89, followed by Vichy’s NEW Liftactiv Collagen Specialist SPF25 Fluid.  Once opened, replace the cap to the applicator and the formula will stay fresh for 48 hours. Rinse applicator between ampoules. Always apply SPF during the daytime.( But we do this anyway right?)


10 pack – RRP €30

30 pack – RRP €59


For best results, use as a 30 day regime.

Available from January 29th in all good pharmacies including Minihans, Sam McCauley and Cara pharmacies.