Delve into the enchantment of KASH Beauty’s luxurious gold and black Christmas Sets – the perfect stocking filler or dash of makeup magic to nestle underneath the tree. Whether it’s a little self-indulgence or a make-up maven’s dream gift, these sets are destined to delight beauty lovers of all ages this Christmas.

Step into a world of radiance with the renowned Liquid Silk Set, a masterpiece that delivers a luminosity as bright as the Christmas lights. The enduringly stylish antique dusk rose Lip Trio Set will ensure your lips are always mistletoe-ready and irresistibly kissable at a moment’s notice, whilst the Skin Glaze Set delivers a symphony of contoured iridescence, bestowing a holiday glow to your complexion like no other. Immerse yourself in the fan-favourite Eternal Treasure eyeshadows and shimmers, unlocking a realm of eye-catching possibilities. And when it’s time to shine, the Sparkle Eye Set adds a touch of sophisticated glitter to elevate your party-ready look.

Liquid Silk Set

RRP: €29.95 – Worth €42.90

Liquid Silk
This opulent face and body illuminator has set a new standard for radiance. Unlike ordinary highlighters, it transforms your skin with a touch of pure luminosity while ensuring a pristine matte finish with no trace of stickiness. It boasts a hint of base colour that effortlessly refines and perfects your skin, making it the ultimate companion for a tantalising faux glow.

Kabuki Body Brush
The divine design of this sumptuously soft Kabuki Body Brush enables the Liquid Silk to blend like a dream for a flawless look.

Silk Scrunchie
A touch of elegance designed to glide effortlessly over your ponytail with a wink and a whisper, reducing marks and friction and elevating shine.


Ultimate PINK Lip Trio
RRP: €29.95 – Worth €39.85

Femme Lipstick
The Femme Lipstick, graced with a soft blush hue and a hint of subtle shimmer, reveals a wealth of richly pigmented colour. Its indulgent formula is luxuriously fortified with Vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid, and Aloe Vera, guaranteeing your lips remain irresistibly soft and impeccably hydrated throughout the day.

Vintage Rose Lip Liner
Enhance your lips with the Vintage Rose Lip Liner in this stunning dusky pink shade. Its effortlessly smooth application and versatile colour makes it the ideal choice for creating both daytime and nighttime lip looks, ensuring a perfectly poised pout, no matter the occasion.

Starlight Lip Gloss
This gorgeous Gloss is your secret weapon for adding a touch of sparkle to any makeup look. Boasting a high-shine, non-stick finish and a delicate rose gold glitter, it’s a photogenic must-have that’s always ready to dazzle.


Skin Glaze Duo Set
RRP: €29.95 – Worth €39.90

Gold Beam Highlighter
This ethereal highlighter delivers a sunbeam-like glow that leaves your skin looking not just refreshed, but positively plump with luminosity. Its moisturising sheen-like finish effortlessly melds into your skin, bestowing you with a flawless, radiant complexion.

Peach Paradise Blusher
Bask in the lavishness of this liquid blush, a buildable marvel that drapes your skin in a captivating coral glaze, casting a luminous, natural peachy pop upon your complexion.


Sparkle Eyes Set
RRP: €19.95

*NEW* Glitter Glaze Eyeshadow
Prepare to steal the spotlight with this new and exclusive Gold Shimmer Eyeshadow, designed to create mesmerising party eye looks. This dazzling gem adds a touch of shimmering glitter to your eyelids, ensuring you’re ready to captivate with every blink.

Divine Half-Lash
These natural half-lashes enhance the outer corners of your eyes, seamlessly blending with your own lashes for a flawless look. Ideal for power lunches, upscale events, and any occasion that demands a beautiful and hassle-free appearance from day to night.


Complete Eye Set
RRP:  €29.95 – Worth €41.85

*NEW* Eternal Treasure Eye Palette
This stunning six-pan eyeshadow palette combines four beloved shades from the original Secret Treasure palette with two captivating, brand new shimmers—Riches and Gem. So, whether you’re aiming for subtle daytime eyes or dramatic nighttime glam, this palette has you covered.

*NEW* Antique Bronze Shimmer Eye Gel Pencil
Make an unforgettable statement with the new Antique Bronze Shimmer Eye Gel Pencil. This extraordinary addition to your beauty arsenal boasts a super-smooth, frictionless texture, ensuring that adding depth and allure to your gaze becomes a seamless, enchanting experience.

Adore Half-Lash
Indulge in the luxurious ease and flawless application of this best-selling Half-Lash. Expertly handcrafted with cutting-edge 3D synthetic fibres and artfully designed with gently curved, flexible bands, this lash creation not only streamlines your application routine, it unveils its enchanting charm by gracefully enhancing and elevating your eyes.