Metropole Hotel raising funds for Cork’s Penny Dinners today

Cork businesses, media and politicians gathered at the Metropole Hotel this morning to recreate a famous pancake race. The pancake race was once held on McCurtain Street by Thompsons Bakery every year on Shrove Tuesday.

In addition to this, the Metropole Hotel is holding a Charity Pancake Sale in aid of Penny Dinners today from 4.30pm to 6pm at Kent Station, Cork. All pancakes will be €2 and proceeds are going to Penny Dinners. Staff from the Metropole Hotels also visited Penny Dinners this morning to help make pancakes.

Roger Russell, General Manager at the Metropole Hotel said: “We are very excited about Shrove Tuesday at the Metropole Hotel. This year and last year we decided to recreate a pancake race that once took place at the hotel and get the local business community involved. We are also running a pancake sale in aid of our charity partners this year – Penny Dinners.”

“We are delighted that so many businesses in the Victorian have said they will take part in the race today. The businesses in this area are passionate about collaborating and making sure all work together to make this a must-visit location in Cork.”

The Metropole Hotel is part of the Trigon Hotel Group, which has 334 guest rooms across three hotels in Cork. The group comprises of the Cork International Hotel, The Metropole Hotel and the Cork Airport Hotel.