Aoife Mc Namara has been awarded B Corp certification, becoming the first in Ireland to hold this globally renowned accolade. B Corp recognises companies that use business as a force for good, meeting high ethical and environmental standards and positively impacting workers, communities, customers, and our planet.

Through innovative models for circularity and repair, careful sourcing, equitable supply chain management, and thoughtful treatment of employees, Aoife Mc Namara is setting a new standard for ethical fashion in Ireland.

After a rigorous year-long assessment, Aoife Mc Namara passed the stringent criteria to become B Corp certified with exemplary performance across five categories: environment, community, workers, customers and governance.

A testament to its ongoing commitment to ethical and sustainable practices, this season, Aoife Mc Namara is taking a bold step forward making a conscientious choice not to introduce a new winter collection. By embracing the concept of ‘degrowth’, Aoife Mc Namara is aligning its values with the urgent need to prioritise our planet over endless growth.

Speaking about achieving B Corp certification and choosing not to produce a new collection this season, Aoife Mc Namara said: “Our decision to forgo a new winter collection is a testament to our belief in timeless style and heirloom quality. We’re proud to say that the pieces from our previous winter collections remain as relevant and elegant as ever. We don’t follow fleeting trends; instead, we create enduring designs that withstand the test of time. By choosing degrowth this season, we’re taking a significant step towards a more sustainable and responsible future.”

“We wake up in the morning with a sense of purpose and belonging that is directly linked to our B Corp Certification and to the knowledge that we are part of something greater — thousands of other businesses, like us, driving for a sustainable future.”

Head of Sustainability at Aoife Mc Namara, Miriam Keegan said: “My work towards leading and achieving this certification with Aoife Mc Namara was made easy due to its concrete purpose and mission for a better planet. Not every fashion label has that earth-driven fortitude, so being able to become certified for the hard work behind the scenes is testimony to the brand, Aoife and the dedicated team driving this mission. While we are the first fashion brand in Ireland to achieve B Corp, we want future fashion brands in the process of getting B Corp to beat our score. This is not a competition but a collective dedication to a safer and more responsible fashion industry.”

A snapshot of some of the other practical initiatives that Aoife Mc Namara has put in place across all B Corp pillars includes sustainable and local sourcing practices, removal of all virgin polyester from the Aoife Mc Namara supply chain, prioritising use of Irish wool and linen, driving engagement with the local community through ongoing events and supporting fellow purpose-driven enterprises.

To celebrate the B Corp award this October, Aoife Mc Namara will host a series of community events between October 27th – 29th, including ‘Transforming Irish Fashion: B Corp Community Conversation’ on Friday, October 27th, with speakers from B Corp, Aoife Mc Namara and other stakeholders of the fashion community. Aoife Mc Namara hosts a Cottage Sessions music event on Saturday 28th, with live sets from Irish artists. and a Circular & Zero Waste Fashion Design Workshop on Sunday 29th. For event details and tickets, visit