ALL HOURS by YSL is already a huge success – what inspired you to revisit the formulation and expand on it?

Caroline Negre, YSL Beauté International Scientific Director : When it comes to creating new formulations for foundation, all that matters is the present. Our inspiration is always the hectic life of the YSL woman, and creating a foundation that keeps up with her. Just like her, the ALL HOURS FOUNDATION has had time to recalibrate, we’ve been able to take advantage of the technological innovations that have happened during this time. And the good news is, today’s ALL HOURS is even better than before. Ready to face the unknown, with radically comfortable, complexion cover for whatever full-on adventures we embark on, however long we need it for. Leveraging YSL Beauté perfection and expertise, this is skin-perfection without constraints, thanks to a weightless, ultra-thin texture which leaves your skin feeling as if it’s naked. Delivering a natural, luminous matte finish, when we need it the most, up to 24 hours*… always.

Technology moves so fast. Since its launch in 2017, what new technological developments were you able to take advantage of in the new formula?

In a world first, we have used technology inspired by an ideal skin type to mimic the composition of the skin: NEW SKIN-FUSING TECHNOLOGY. This exciting new way to encapsulate pigments within a thin formula, while forming a mesh-like structure inspired by an ideal skin-texture, is a first time also for YSL Beauté laboratories enabling us to achieve optimal coverage within the foundation, while also infusing hyaluronic acid. This is why we named it SKIN-FUSING technology.

What’s so good about this network?

It allows us to create a formula that is extra thin, which in turn means we can minimize the amount of opaque filler we use, for a more natural finish. There’s something counter-intuitive about it – the SKIN-FUSING NETWORK seems to contradict the rules of “coverage as it ticks all the boxes you’d expect – long-lasting, breathable, a natural finish, with a level of coverage that is eminently buildable – but it has no masking effect as the texture is so thin.

How did you make the new foundation feel so weightless?

Creating a sense of weightlessness on the skin was paramount for YSL Beauté Labs. We wanted wearers to feel as if they weren’t wearing anything on their skin, beyond their usual moisturizer. With a goal of a 77% skincare base in mind, the formula was designed to fit perfectly with the skin, all day and night, to feel as light as air, and deliver breathable full coverage.

Was that something that was important to you?

With up to 24h* lastingness, the new version of the ALL HOURS is now triple-proof: Transfer Proof / Water Proof / Sport Proof. The slim-fit skin net base holds make up in place with a second skin adherence that lasts for 24h*. This ideal shade range is the result of Mineral pigments and bio-affinity coating powders that mimic skin composition for a total fusion, delivering 24h* breathable full coverage.

Provenance – knowing where an ingredient comes from and how it is produced – is becoming increasingly important to consumers. Can you tell us more about the jasmine petals used in the formulation and the Ourika Community Gardens where the jasmine is grown?

t has been wonderful to see the Ourika Community Gardens initiative grow over time, if you’ll excuse the pun. Not only are we now able to see the organic, sustainably grown plants that are harvested there be used increasingly in our beauty products, but it’s been incredible to know that the cooperative of 33 women who work there are advancing their financial independence. Key raw materials used in ALL HOURS FOUNDATION include the jasmine, which is selected, grown and harvested sustainably, and carefully extracted to meet the strictest standards in terms of effectiveness, as well as neo-skin powder. And what a unique opportunity for us – It’s a truly couture way of growing what we need, sustainably, and benefitting the community.

How did you develop the colour selection process?

 Incredible in texture, luminosity and finish, ALL HOURS FOUNDATION now comes in 40 shades to suit every skin tone. This ideal shade range has been scientifically crafted thanks to an extensive multi-cultural study with 3000 participants all over the globe which included consumers and makeup artists and used cutting-edge technology and a spectrophotometer. YSL Beauté labs were able to create an algorithm that allowed us to deliver perfect coverage for every skin tone from cool to warm, light to deep and everything in between. With color that looks as if it’s been freshly applied, however long you’ve been wearing it, it’s the ultimate in inclusive, diverse, skin-beautifying foundation. Welcome to your ideal match, however long you’ve been wearing it, it’s the ultimate in inclusive, diverse, skin beautifying foundation. Welcome to your ideal match.

The foundation is 77% skincare infused, what does that mean exactly, and how did you achieve it?

What this means is that the base of the foundation is a skincare base enriched with hyaluronic acid, and vegetal Taurine to stimulate skin and fight dullness. New in vitro tests have proven that jasmine from the Ourika community gardens can help to protect against free-radicals and strengthen the skin barrier. The foundation also boasts all day hydration, providing skincare benefits whenever you use it, day after day. Proven in a consumer test with 113 women: skin feels softer, smoother, hydrated. Achieving this level of care was important to us – giving people confidence and courage through beauty has been an important philosophy of Yves Saint Laurent Beauté since its inception, and we are very proud to have created a product that symbolizes this philosophy. I hope you will use ALL HOURS FOUNDATION to enjoy your life freely and with confidence, no matter what time of day it is.


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Complexion results you can rely on all day, all night, all hours – 91.2%* said the coverage lasted for up to 24h*, while 82.3%* agreed the color remained true when first applied. As light as air on the skin…. A thin texture, which makes it feel and look as seamless as a naked skin. The new formula is 77% skincare based, infused with Hyaluronic acid. Providing all day hydration and day after day skin caring benefits, even after removal. 83.2%* of those who tried it said their skin felt breathable for 24 hours, while 85%* liked the way their skin felt comfortable for 24h*. Luminous Matte Finish. Evens out skin tone, leaving a natural finish, covering imperfections. Sport-proof, waterproof, trying-on-your-entire-wardrobe-without-ruining- your-clothes-proof.

For ALL HOURS renovation, YSL Beauté developed its first SKIN-FUSING TECHNOLOGY, delivering a full coverage and maximum comfort, with a weightless feel on the skin. Mineral pigments are encapsulated within a thin formula, forming a mesh-like structure inspired by skin texture, to achieve buildable up to full coverage. It provides all day hydration and day after day skincare benefits. The foundation is as light as air on the skin and gives you 24h* shine-free, thanks to neo-skin powder.


YSL Beauté has supported the creation of a cooperative of 33 women to grow each and every plant in the Ourika Community Gardens, including the jasmine petals, found in the ALL HOURS formula. This unprecedented social program strives to promote the skills of the region’s inhabitants to advance their financial independence. In addition to creating job opportunities for a cooperative of women, these gardens allow YSL Beauté to observe and harvest some of the precious ingredients vital to the composition of its beauty products, keeping it bespoke to YSL’s unique heritage. Every raw material is selected, grown and harvested sustainably, and carefully extracted to meet the strictest standards in terms of effectiveness.


Unbeatable in texture, luminosity and finish, All Hours Foundation now comes in 40 shades to perfectly suit every skin tone.

An ideal shade range that has been scientifically crafted thanks to an extensive Global Beauty study with 3000 participants all over the globe. YSL Beauty created a shade calibration protocol that included consumers and makeup artists. Thanks to a cutting-edge technology and a spectrophotometer, we were able to create an algorithm that allowed us to scientifically craft the ideal All Hours shade range. Every skin tone from light to dark and in between now has the perfect match.

With color that looks as if it’s been freshly applied, however long you’ve been wearing it, it’s a new era of foundation technology.



First, identify your color family, choosing from Light, Medium and Deep. L for Light, M for Medium / D for Deep


Next, identify your Undertone. Are you Cool, Neutral or Warm? Here’s a quick guide to find out which undertone you are:

  • The veins color test: check your wrist veins.
    • If your veins are green, your undertone is Warm
    • If they are blue or purple, your undertone is Cool
    • It it’s blue or grey, your undertone is Neutral.
  • The white paper test: Put a sheet of white paper next to your face.
    • If your complexion looks yellowish compared to the white paper, your undertone is Warm.
    • If it looks pinkish, your undertone is Cool
    • If you don’t see any significant color, you are Neutral.

C for Cool, N for Neutral, W for Warm


Once you know your tone and undertone, identify your color intensity, from 1 at the Lighter end of the spectrum, to a 10 for the Deeper end of the spectrum, make your choice.


Taking the first letter of your Color Family choice, ie L for Light, M for Medium, or D for Deep, add the first letter of your Undertone choice, ie C for Cool, N for Neutral or W for Warm.  And now add the number from the spectrum. The final combination of three letters and numbers is the shade you require eg LW7 = Light Color Family, Warm Undertone, 7 Intensity.

Now you’ve cracked the code, get ready to enjoy comfort and coverage as never before!

RRP: 45.00€