Weather playing havoc with your skin?

The changeable and unpredictable Irish weather wreaks havoc on our sensitive Celtic skin. Between the snow, rain and wind combined with indoor heating, moisture is drawn from the skin leaving it dull and dry as well as itchy and irritated. When skin becomes dry, it’s softness and elasticity is impaired and the skin’s natural barrier is compromised.

French skincare brand, Eau Thermale Avène have some hero products to help soothe and protect the skin during this time.

Avène Skin Recovery Cream €22

Avène Skin Recovery Cream is a calming skin saviour for naturally sensitive skin or skin which has become sensitised due to climatic conditions. This wonder product quickly calms irritation, helps replenish the skin’s hydrolipidic film and provides long-lasting protection and comfort. Its formula has been specially developed with minimum ingredients, all selected for their gentleness and is free from parabens, preservatives, fragrance and alcohol.



Avène Thermal Spring Water €5-€15

Avène’s hero product can easily be pinned as the Thermal Spring Water Spray. This wonder spray can be used to hydrate and soothe the skin at any stage during the day. Spritz onto the skin during the day while you sit at your desk over make-up for an instant boost.

Hydrance Intense Serum €26

Avène’s Hydrance Intense Serum is a fresh, light serum with an easily absorbed, melting texture to help instantly and visibly replenish the skin with water. Formulated with Cohederm™, a unique patented active proven to form water reservoirs in dehydrated skin, for long lasting and effective moisturisation. Containing a high concentration of Avène Thermal Spring Water, skin is left feeling soothed, supple and velvety-smooth.



Avène Cold Cream Lip Cream €10

Enriched with nourishing Cold Cream and Shea butter, Avène’s Cold Cream Lip Cream is a light-weight lip cream that helps protect and comfort very dry, chapped and cracked lips. This handbag essential, which is paraben free, is enriched with sucralfate to help replenish the lips’ skin barrier with a fluid texture for easy application. Lips feel soft, smooth and regain comfort.

Avène is available from pharmacies nationwide.