Everyone loves a glowing tan but many of us are unaware of the negative effects synthetic DHA could have on the skin.

Choosing a tan with a natural DHA such as b.tan, helps you avoid putting unnecessary toxins on your skin which can cause premature ageing and harness potential health risks. b.tan is the perfect solution for the tanning fanatic who cares about their skin’s health. There are no gimmicks with b.tan, no added nasties and no animal testing, they are simply the darkest tans around.

DHA is the ingredient in tan responsible for turning skin the much sought after golden brown. Natural DHA is derived from nature in the form of sugar beets and cane sugar while synthetic DHA is from man made ingredients. Natural DHA will interact with the amino acids only on the outermost layer of your skin and the result is a chemical reaction that leaves you with the most perfect sun-kissed glow. In comparison, synthetic DHA enters deeper into your skin and your bloodstream. This means that any nasty chemicals will go deeper too. Sensitive skin is also more likely to react to tans with synthetic DHA because of this reason. There is also some evidence that synthetic DHA can cause blockage of the cell cycle and can increase production of free radicals, which is known to break down collagen and elastin leading to premature aging and ain’t nobody got time for that! b.tan is also fragrance free so you know there are no added fragrances that may trigger allergies or eczema.

As b.tan uses only natural DHA, the guide colour can be more grey than golden, however this is completely normal. Just wash away the guide colour to reveal a gorgeously golden glow. See b.tan’s top picks for getting tanned AF.

9 minute tan (200ml)



















Some people do it in 10, b.tan does it in 9. This tan is ideal for someone looking for a light natural tan on the go. Apply this luscious tan, wait 9 minutes, rinse off in the shower for 45 seconds in lukewarm water and you’re ready to rock and roll. Leave on longer if you dare to go darker!

1-hour tan (200ml)


















b.tan have a wide range of 1-hour tanning mousses that cater to every type of tanning fanatic. The streak free tan is super easy to apply with a guide colour so you won’t miss a spot. There is no nasty tan smell and they are vegan friendly and paraben free. After applying the mousse with b.tan’s mitt you can wash after 1 hour or leave on longer for a darker glow.

b.tan is available from Penneys, Dunnes Stores, Lloyds Pharmacy, Care Plus Pharmacy, Life Pharmacy, All Care Pharmacy, McCabe’s Pharmacy, Bradleys Pharmacy and all good stores nationwide. Prices start at €10.00