Bad hair days be gone with Great Lengths stunning new hair extensions

World leader in ethically sourced, premium human hair extensions, Great Lengths, has unveiled its latest campaign – ‘Hair Like You’.

If there’s one thing every woman appreciates, it’s a good hair day. If you don’t have the volume or length naturally that you would like, Great Lengths has got you covered with a diverse range of premium pre-bonded and pre-taped hair extensions. *Cue Cousin Cassie from Friends vibes!

The latest campaign, ‘Hair Like You’, focuses on the model that Great Lengths Hair Extensions offers a bespoke service to each individual. ‘Hair Like You’ means that hair can be completely customised according to the needs and lifestyle of each client. The campaign aims to showcase the breadth of colour, texture and length in the Great Lengths range, from the dark spirals to icy bobs and Celtic auburn waves.

Great Lengths is on a mission to educate wearers and non-wearers of Great Lengths about how extensions can help provide a natural enhancement and address common hair problems, creating results which can no longer be achieved with natural hair. As we know, over time hair weakens as a result of many factors including styling, weather, colouring and the natural ageing process. Great Lengths aims to help restore the look of what has been lost, naturally, with 100% human hair extensions which are ethically sourced, and help women feel more confident.

Through this new approach, Great Lengths aims to change the concept of extensions in the mind of the consumer by making hair extensions appealing to every woman.











Whilst remaining a popular trend, gone are the days where extensions are purely used to add length to hair. More and more clients are turning to Great Lengths to help combat real hair issues including thinning hair, filling sparse areas, adding volume and also colour and depth without causing damage to the hair with chemicals and dyes.

Speaking about the new campaign, Fabio Massimo Antonino, CEO of Great Lengths International said:

“We want to become an effective enabler to let women finally have the hair they deserve. We have brought it right back to Italy, where Great Lengths originates, to create a beautiful new campaign which will portray the new path we are taking our clients down in 2019”.

Joscelin McCourt, CEO for Great Lengths UK and Ireland, said:

“We continue to receive feedback from our stylists about Great Lengths enabling their clients to feel more positive in themselves restoring confidence, through natural and subtle bespoke enhancements. The new campaign is about resonating with our current clients and future clients, as well as our salons and stylists, so they recognise that with Great Lengths, natural and beautiful hair and styles can be achieved every day”.











Paying homage to its heritage, the campaign was shot in Rome, the iconic city where Great Lengths was founded. It centred on the concept of female empowerment which can be ignited through individuality, rather than standard expectations and trends. The models showcase different hairstyles; long, medium, short, straight and curly, highlighting how truly versatile Great Lengths can be in enhancing all styles of natural hair.

The Great Lengths story is about a company whose destiny is to serve hair-stylists and their clients, growing together and helping with real life worries, such as hair loss, beauty, self-care and ageing.

If you’re a novice at hair extensions and worried about application, fear not as Great Lengths have a variety of YouTube tutorials to help you out!