The start of a brand new year, January is the perfect time to make some skincare resolutions. We know we are not quite there yest but hey it might be time to shop now and SOS your skin.

After weeks of overindulgence, the effects of the festive season – think too much makeup and even more mince pies – will leave many of our complexions a little worse for wear and in desperate need of TLC.

Alas, the time has come to ditch that lacklustre pre Christmas guise and give our skin the extra care it needs. it is all about damage linitation you know!

Nimue skin technology is a derma-cosmeceutical brand that was developed in 1994 by leading skincare scientists. Since then, Nimue has evolved into a recognised professional skincare brand distributed globally, renowned for an expert understanding of the skin, innovative formulations, cutting edge technology and effective combination, concentration and strength of active ingredients.


Here are some of Nimue’s most popular products to help combat that post- Christmas breakout or maybe even head it off before it starts

Nimue Cleansing gel €41.00 –  This soap-free creamy cleanser is the ideal start to any skincare regime! Also available in a ‘Lite’ version for sensitive skin. This nourishing formula gently removes eye and face make-up and impurities and provides light exfoliation.

Nimue Conditioner €43.00-  A deep-cleansing and degreasing conditioner that will improve the skin’s texture. Contains anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Also available in a ‘Lite’ version to soothe, cool and calm sensitive skin. This specially formulated skin treatment will stimulate exfoliation, refresh and clarify without leaving the skin dry.

Exfoliating Enzyme €46.00 – A non-irritating, non-abrasive enzymatic exfoliator which refines the skin’s texture, gently removes dead skin cells and promotes cell renewal.


Super Hydrating Serum €84.00 – A powerful serum for dry and dehydrated skin that provides intense hydration, improving skin comfort, suppleness and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Suitable for all skin classifications and ideal for use during seasonal changes.


Nimue Day €63.00 –  A multi-functional, light-textured day moisturiser that assists to restore and rejuvenate the skin, resulting in improved hydration and smoother skin texture.

Nimue Problematic Spot Treatment  €45.00- A lightweight spot treatment that targets and treats breakouts. Helps to calm and soothe inflammation while reducing congestion.