How dry are your hands? How about your feet? Hoofmaker may be your best solution yet! Originally developed for horses to moisturise dry, cracked and brittle hooves, horse owners discovered that after rubbing the cream on their horses’ hooves, their own hands and nails improved! This intensive protein-enriched hand and nail therapy is designed to promote longer, stronger, healthier nails, while deeply moisturising the skin. This protein complex restores vital nutrients and essential vitamins to soften skin and strengthen nails for amazing immediate results! This is a true crossover product – barn to bathroom.

The benefits for horses and their riders have been proven year after year. The condition of horses’ hooves is remarkably healthier and hydrated from continued use of Hoofmaker. As for the folks that use it on their hands and feet on a regular basis, it’s like a manicure and pedicure in a tube!  This hand and nail therapy in a tube moisturises dry and cracked skin, while protecting against nail damage. It also maintains strong and flexible nails, while softening and conditioning callused, rough areas. What more could you ask for? Hoofmaker is a treatment product that is designed to keep your horse’s hooves strong and healthy and also helps keeping your own hands and feet looking and feeling moisturised, rejuvenated and gorgeous!

Mane ‘n Tail is now being distributed by Hampton Brands and is available for retail through leading wholesalers United Drug Blackhall and Uniphar, so Irish hair-care stockists can expect a stampede!