When it comes to grey hair, every woman is different, and so are their reactions. Some embrace their greys, and some look for little tricks to chase them away.

In 2016, L’Oréal Paris set things straight with the launch of Magic Retouch. Hiding roots in three seconds, cans flew off the shelves. Now three are bought every minute, making it the world’s number one root concealer. Magic Retouch is back with a new addition to the roots family: Magic Retouch Precision.

Magic Retouch Precision is the first hair brush that immediately hides scattered greys in an instant. It’s perfect for targeted camouflage of first greys, or even the finest and most hidden hairs, whenever and wherever it’s needed.

White hairs are usually a serious cause for panic, and they usually appear first at the hairline, on temples and sometimes at the parting… enough to be visible but not enough to start full head permanent dying. To fix the problem and camouflage imperceptibly and precisely, L’Oréal Paris developed a genius technology, inspired by makeup. They call it the Magic Mix:

  • A mix of mineral pigments and pearls matching natural hair shades, embedded in a smooth creamy jelly base formula for easy glide.
  • A smart precision brush with mini bristles and a soft flat surface, to reach and pinpoint even the finest hairs and equally deposit the perfect amount of product.
  • Magic Retouch Precision is the perfect partner of Magic Retouch Instant Root Concealer Spray. It allows a non-permanent coverage of single white hairs in a few seconds, without any stains on temples or scalp.

It really is a magic wand!

The ultra-precise brush lets you conceal greys quickly and easily, with incredible precision. Available in five shades that perfectly blend with every hair colour, from Black for the darkest locks all the way through to Blonde to cover roots for the lightest hair colours seamlessly. With Magic Retouch Precision, it’s as easy as one-two-three to make your greys disappear just like magic.