It’s pink, it smells divine, is vegan and cruelty-free, and, best of all, the latest new Mint & Rhubarb scented solid brush cleanser from MuMe is a special limited-edition creation supporting the wonderful work of Breast Cancer Ireland.

Found exclusively at and priced at just €13, MuMe solid brush cleansers are Irish-made and packed with high quality, natural ingredients like kaolin cleansing clay and softening goats-milk. They work for both natural and synthetic bristles, gently cleaning and keeping them naturally soft and pliable.

Created by holistic therapist and aromatherapist, Emma Hyland, MuMe solid brush cleansers are that win-win combination of an affordable brush cleanser that is effective and easy to use, and which won’t spill and saturate any prized makeup collections or dressing tables!

Simply wet the make-up brush with warm water, swirl it in the solid cleanser for a creamy texture, and then swirl in the palm of the hand to clean thoroughly, and rinse!

If you’ve not yet tried this revolutionary new cleanser for spotlessly clean and soft brushes, go online to and pick up the latest new Mint & Rhubarb version. In its cute tin, stamped with the pink ribbon for cancer care, this beauty is a must-have for your make-up kit, and a great gift option too!

100% of profits supports Breast Cancer Ireland awareness programmes and research to help find a cure.