Leading skincare brand, Vichy, has announced the launch of three innovative new anti-ageing solutions created to target the main signs of ageing. Inspired by the new generation of non-invasive aesthetic procedures, Vichy introduces the new LiftActiv range, which powers the skin to compensate the visible effects of collagen and hyaluronic acid loss in ageing skin.

With life moving at an increasingly fast pace it’s more important than ever that we age well. Skin is affected not only by chronological skin ageing but also by intense lifestyle. On top of wrinkles, fine lines and pigmentation, developing a dull and uneven skin tone is also common. We can accept our beauty at every age, but the skin ageing signs are less welcome. We need our skin care efficiency to be visible, targeted and fast.

Launching this month, Vichy laboratories has created LiftActiv to offer three unique skin health boosting solutions for utmost efficacy. Loaded with the most powerful actives of natural origin, they give your skin the power to fight ageing progressively. Collagen is the number one skin component. As we get older, our skin’s capacity to produce collagen reduces by 75%. The loss of collagen lies at the heart of skin’s ageing, resulting in wrinkles, sagginess, and loss of firmness. Vichy has developed a regime to correct the signs of collagen loss on skin.

LiftActiv Collagen Specialist Daily Cream

for everyday use


This is your daily anti-ageing cream. Collagen Specialist works on the visible effects of collagen loss on skin. Used daily, Collagen Specialist reactivates the natural production of collagen in the skin, replenishing that which is lost every day, showing progressive correction of ageing signs.

Collagen Specialist tones your skin immediately after use. After eight hours, your skin hydration improves by 28%. You can see up to 16% less wrinkles after one month of use and 24% less wrinkles after two months, as well as a decrease in sagginess and pigmentation.

Collagen Specialist is the all-around answer acting on 100% of signs of collagen loss on skin.


LiftActiv Hyalu Mask

for once-weekly application


Used once a week, Hyalu Mask is your skin’s quick skin-fix to help recover from an intense week. Stressed skin lacks hyaluronic acid and can look dull and tired.

The Hyalu Mask is the ultimate skin replenishment that gets to work in just five minutes.

With a record 1% concentration of Hyaluronic acid, the Hyalu Mask targets to compensate visible effects of hyaluronic acid loss on skin. It immediately rehydrates and smooths skin, restoring firmness and improving quality to ageing skin.



LiftActiv Micro Hyalu Eye Patches

for whenever you need them


This is Vichy’s most innovative product to date! These are a pure Hyaluronic acid-powered shot for an overnight transformation, when you need it most.

Inspired by the micro-needling procedures, the Micro Hyalu Patches each contain 160 micro-cones of solidified Hyaluronic acid of natural origin, which penetrate and melt onto the skin throughout the night for optimal diffusion in the periocular area. Wake up to wrinkles and crows’ feet filled in and the eye-contour looking refreshed and rejuvenated.


Available in Minihans and other pharmacies nationwide.