Following the launch of the Slow Âge range last year, Vichy’s most powerful probiotic skincare range has been extended to include SLOW ÂGE NIGHT. A breakthrough in skincare with its unique texture, Vichy SLOW ÂGE NIGHT will help reoxygenate and regenerate the skin.

Like any organ, our skin needs oxygen to work. At the heart of cellular respiration are small organelles called mitochondria, which use oxygen to provide your skin’s cells with the energy needed for functioning, structure and firmness. They are essential in preserving the youth of our skin and fighting off daily aggressors, such as UV exposure, pollution and stress. Contrary to popular belief, only 20% of skin ageing is hereditary. The remaining 80% is affected by the exposome: external and internal factors like UV exposure, pollution, stress and fatigue.

Mitochondria are particularly sensitive to the impact of urban aggressors (especially UV and pollution). Repeated exposure is responsible for oxidative stress that affects the mitochondria’s ability to breathe. As a result, the skin cell metabolism becomes inefficient and skin looks unhealthy and dull as ageing is accelerated. Preserving the activity of mitochondria and stimulating the skin’s natural defences against external aggressors is necessary to fight against premature ageing.

Introducing SLOW ÂGE NIGHT, night time is the ideal time of day to boost defences and prepare your skin for tomorrow. Naturally, skin microcirculation increases overnight, facilitating oxygen diffusion to the cells. Skin repairs, regenerates and refills its antioxidant defences to be better prepared to face the next day.

Vichy has selected pure resveratrol for maximum effectiveness throughout the night. Derived from Japanese knotweed, the resveratrol selected by Vichy is a polyphenol with powerful antioxidant properties valued in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Vichy prioritised a 100% pure and natural extract with a concentration of 0.25% (versus the 0.05% in most skincare) for maximum effectiveness.

50ml €32

How does it work?

Vichy labs have discovered that in addition to being one of the most efficient antioxidants, their resveratrol also stimulates the mitochondria that aid cellular respiration to give skin a healthy glow. In addition, it prepares skin to help fight against the effects of stress and pollution by stimulating its natural antioxidant defences.

Antioxidant baicalin, also inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine is working in synergy with resveratrol, fortifying bifidus and smoothing LHA complete this concentrated formula.

SLOW ÂGE NIGHT comes in a bold brown colour that calls to mind the recipes of ancient apothecary remedies. The fresh texture easily melts into your skin with a botanical, and almost medicinal scent; a gentle night time journey for the reoxygenation and regeneration of your skin

SLOW ÂGE NIGHT can be used in two ways for greater efficacy:

  1. SLOW ÂGE NIGHT cream; you sleep, it works
    Wind down and indulge in a relaxing beauty ritual thanks to SLOW ÂGE NIGHT. Enjoy its botanical fragrance and fall asleep, while the moisturiser reoxygenates and regenerates your skin. Every night, the skin repairs and prepares for the next day. The proof? After just one night’s rest, skin is smoother and brighter. Night after night, skin renewal improves and fine lines fade. #LetYourSkinBreathe
  2. SLOW ÂGE NIGHT mask; like a shot of oxygen
    Once or twice per week you can use the SLOW ÂGE NIGHT Mask. Apply the product in a thin, even layer to your skin and leave it for 10 minutes before rinsing with water. Remove excess with a cotton pad and a spray of Vichy Mineralising Thermal Water. Reoxygenated, skin is left looking fresher, softer and smoother, just like after a good night’s sleep.

Sleep peacefully knowing that this product’s brown colour won’t transfer to your pillow or sheets, as it is well-absorbed by the skin.