Egoist Beauty is a dynamic company, aiming to make work easier for beauty salons, spas and professionals in the beauty industry. They supply products directly to beauty salons, training centres and individual customers. Located on Paul Street in Cork City, Egoist Beauty sells lashes, application tools and gel polishes. As well as this, they offer eyelash extension courses that are suitable to either beauty professionals who wish to widen their available services in salons or those who are simply interested in beauty as a hobby. All training courses are accredited and provide students with detailed support and assessment as well as a kit to get started.

At the helm of this success is Jolanta Boruszek, who we sat down with ahead of the new Egoist website launch to gain an insight into her business motivation and what advice she would give to those looking to crack the industry.

Congratulations on the launch of your lovely new website, was it always going to be a beauty business for you? Is that your passion?

Thank you! Yes, I’ve always had an affinity for beauty and when I did my first lash course, I fell in love with that aspect of the industry. When I first started out as an eyelash technician myself, however, I found it hard to find suppliers and that’s when I had the idea to start a business that would provide all the necessary equipment both for salons and for freelance eyelash technicians.

You need business knowledge to open your own establishment, from knowing how to write a business plan to working out pricing and staff salaries – did you study business?

Yes, I did. I’ve always had a love for business, which definitely came from my family.


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Social media and distinctive branding are becoming increasingly important for the success of a business. Is it something you think has been integral to the growth of Egoist Beauty?

Hugely so. I try to maintain a strong presence on the business Instagram account, updating our followers with new products available on the website and information on the training courses. Instagram is a great tool for people in business as it is a free platform that helps widen your reach and in turn, promote growth. An informative and sleek website is always vitally important and that’s why I wanted to update the Egoist Beauty one, to give it a fresh look.

Who would you say is your biggest inspiration?  

I’d have to say Diane von Furstenberg. She has created an amazing brand and has done amazing things to empower other women. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the DVF Awards which seeks to honour trailblazing women across all different industries and I think that’s incredible.

Attending beauty industry shows, awards and conferences is a huge part of the beauty industry. Do you think that has contributed to your success?  

Yes, definitely. I recently attended a lash conference and it’s great to chat to other people in the industry and share knowledge. I would love to attend more things like that.


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The beauty industry could be seen as a somewhat saturated market as new salons, brow bars and lash & nail places are opening on the daily. What do you think the key to repeat business is?

The quality of service is paramount to your success – people will always come back if they are happy with the results and feel comfortable in the environment. It’s also so important to have a unique selling point that will set you apart from the competition. So, for example, we always try to stock new products in our flagship store and on the website and we offer free delivery in Ireland for orders over €100 – which is very beneficial for salons who bulk order.

What was your pinch me moment of 2018?

Being nominated for Hi Style’s “Most Stylist Lash Bar” was a big deal for me. It was just a lovely marker of how well the business was doing and how much the people of Cork loved the products we supply and the services we offer. This year for the Hi Hair and Beauty Awards, we are nominated in four categories, Best Eyelash Artist, Best Beauty Entrepreneur, Best Beauty Team and Best Beauty Academy so it would be incredible to take home an award this year.

What advice would you give someone looking to start a beauty business? 

Just go and try it – it’s an amazing adventure! Becoming an entrepreneur is incredible for your personal development as your mind is always whirring! Your problem-solving abilities significantly improve and there’s nothing better than doing something you really love for a living.


Egoist Beauty
27-28 Paul Street, Cork

087 761 2393