As Dancing With The Stars Reaches Its Mid-Season, Bellamianta Co-Founder Linda Stinson Joins The Cast To Share Her Top Tips For Weekly Tanning

As hit show RTE’s Dancing With The Stars passes its half way point, co-founder of Bellamianta Linda Stinson comes together with the cast and dancers of Ireland’s beloved competition for a hotly anticipated mid-season photoshoot.

This marks Bellamianta’s third year as the official tanning partners for Dancing With The Stars. Ireland’s number 1 Luxury Tan keeps the stars beautifully bronzed for each live performance, ensuring that amidst complex steps and routines the one thing they don’t have to worry about is their perfectly applied tan.

Linda took the opportunity to share her expert tanning tips with the cast as they approach the midway point on the show. They’ve had tan applied for each episode, but to keep it looking as glorious as is required and as good as new each week, there’s some tanning maintenance tips to consider.

How to keep your tan looking fresh and fabulous mid-season: 

  • Prepare the skin by shaving and/or waxing at least 24 hours before tan application to allow the skin to settle, as this can cause irritation and leave you with an uneven tan if applied straight away.
  • Exfoliate with Bellamianta’s Triple Action Glycolic Body Scrub & Luxury Exfoliating Mitt to clear the skin of any remaining tan from your last application and ensuring skin is smooth and supple. Make sure to moisturise in the days prior to applying your tan, but not the day of application. Exfoliating can cause the skin to become very dry so make sure to moisturise well and leave 24 hours before you apply your tan.
  • Apply an oil free moisturiser to particularly dry areas – knees, elbows, hands and feet – to ensure an even tan and allow it to develop on the skin but not adhere to the drier patches
  • Using the Bellamianta Luxury Tanning Mitt, start by applying your preferred Bellamianta Luxury Tan to clean dry skin that is free from all products starting at the ankles moving upwards in circular motions, leaving the face, hands and feet until last using only the residue product on the mitt to lightly apply to these remaining areas.
  •  Wear loose clothing while your tan develops, this ensures a perfectly even tan
  •  Shower off the guide colour the morning after, or after the recommended time period as specified by your Bellamianta Luxury Tan product. Make sure to tap the skin dry and avoid any unnecessary rubbing with towels.
  •  Apply the Bellamianta Luxury Tan Gradual Moisturiser in the days following your application to keep it hydrated ensuring your glow stays perfect for longer.
  • For a dancefloor worthy glow, apply the Bellamianta Skin Perfecting Instant Tan for added coverage and follow with the Bellamianta Shimmer Dry Body Oil down the centre of the legs, arms and chest to bring your tan to life.

“We hope this helps and gives everyone the confidence to fake tan like a pro. Fake tan can work for anyone, even the typical pale Irish skin. The trick is to tread lightly and we can all achieve that beautiful natural golden glow like you have spent a summer in Barbados.” – Linda Stinson.