The broadcaster and journalist Bibi Baskin and her book publishers No.1 Books have launched a new initiative to provide each of the residents in Irish nursing homes with a complimentary copy of her new book. The Happy Book is the new pocket book just published and is a collection of inspirational quotes that is aimed at giving people inspiration and hope throughout the year.


Speaking at the announcement of the new initiative, Bibi Baskin said “this is my second pocket book of inspirational quotes and this new book is called The Happy Book because after the year that everyone has experienced and this new year that is starting out with further difficulty, I felt that people needed some inspiration and hope to just carry on. During the first lockdown of 2020 I started writing the book and as the year went on I saw that we all needed some happiness in our lives and then The Happy Book was born. When I was talking to my publisher during Christmas, we were speaking about the difficulties that nursing home residents were experiencing and thought wouldn’t it be really great if we could do something to give the residents a little gift that might cheer them up until times get better. Then our nursing home initiative of providing a complimentary copy of The Happy Book was devised.”


Michael Mulcahy of No.1 Book which is part of No.1 Media Group said “we have worked with Bibi on both of her pocket books and there has been tremendous support from people all over the country and beyond for them. The quotes are all unique to Bibi and they really are inspiring and offer hope and support to any of us that read them. With 31,588 residents in 583 nursing homes all across the country, we will work in partnership with a local sponsor in each area that there is a nursing home to deliver a quantity of The Happy Book to the nursing home with some extra copies for the staff. It’s something that we feel will be welcomed by the residents and who doesn’t like receiving a gift and especially in the times that these residents who are really Ireland’s most treasured citizens are currently living through.”