Say goodbye to dry skin with Bio-Oil® Dry Skin Gel, an innovative new body care product that’s 100% active, easily absorbed and

clinically proven to significantly improve dry skin.*

The creators of Bio-Oil®, the world’s best-selling scar and stretch mark oil**, are delighted to launch their first new product in over 30 years, Bio-Oil® Dry Skin Gel. Specifically created to tackle dry, dehydrated skin, the breakthrough gel to oil formula
is the result of sixteen years of research and development, and offers a highly effective and economical solution to dry skin.

Dry skin can be uncomfortable, rough and itchy, and in more severe cases, can lead skin to flake, crack and bleed. Causes include anything from physiological factors like a lack of sebum on the surface of the skin, to external factors like weather, harsh detergents, central heating, hot showers, swimming and air travel. Dry skin can even occur as a side effect of some medications or illnesses like diabetes and thyroid problems or hormonal imbalances.


Traditional creams and lotions aimed at tackling dry skin are mostly made from water, with some containing up to 70%. This high water content is of little benefit to dry skin as water evaporates when it comes into contact with skin – that’s what causes the cold sensation you feel when applying water based products. The experts at Bio-Oil® have pioneered a way to replace this in-active water with oil, making for a product that’s 100% active and packed full of highly effective, actively moisturising ingredients. Bio-Oil® Dry Skin Gel’s revolutionary formulation is comprised of 87% oil, including occlusives like Shea Butter, Lanolin, Soja and Sunflower Oil, which form a protective matrix on the skin to lock in moisture, while emollients like Glycerine, Chamomile and Vitamin A improve the appearance of the skin by smoothing flaky skin cells. Humectants, which act like magnets drawing water from the environment as well as from deep within the skin, make up 10% of the formulation, which includes just 3% water***.

Clinical trials conducted on 102 dry skin sufferers in the UK indicated that Bio-Oil® Dry Skin Gel is on course to be as successful as the original Bio-Oil® skincare oil, with 86% of participants agreeing that their dry skin improved over the course of just two weeks*. Effective and economical, it’s suitable for everyday application and can be used all over the body and even on dry patches on the face, with a little going a long way. Simply apply a small amount to dry skin – this will transform to oil and melt into skin, absorbing quickly without leaving a greasy residue. Skin will feel comforted, nourished and moisturised, with a delicate sheen and subtle rose scent.

Bio-Oil® Dry Skin Gel contains no preservatives, is dermatologically tested, hypo-allergenic, non-comedogenic (it doesn’t block pores) and is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin in adults and children over three years.


For relief from dry skin, choose Bio-Oil® Dry Skin Gel, available from 14th February at Lloyds, McCabes, Sam McCauleys and Bio-Oil stockists nationwide,

RRP €6.95 (50ml); €11.95 (100ml) and €19.95 (200ml).

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