You can face just about anything life throws at you with this new killer 6 set collection from Blank Canvas. They are launching their NEW DIMENSIONS + brush sets to their ever-growing and adored collection. This is the ultimate make up lover’s dream, everything you could ever need for any make up application allowing you to buff, blend and everything in between.


This set is ideal for brow grooming, containing 5 perfectly shaped brow brushes
E30 A multipurpose double ended eye brush for combing through brows or lashes and the angles side great for liner or brows
E81 For use on super fine eyeliner
E88 Brow definer and eyeliner
E89 Mini painter style concealer perfect for cut crease and eyeshadow contour
E94 Nothing but precision with this sharp angled brush



This set teams the Blank Canvas E89, F17 and F83 brushes to give you the perfect range of brushes for detailed face makeup. All brushes are made from top quality, anti-bacterial synthetic fibres, and can be used with liquid, cream and powder products.
E89 Mini Painter Style Concealer brush is perfect for applying concealer, detailed contour, or eyeshadow – use it to perfect your cut crease!
F17 Camouflage Brush is perfect for concealing, carving out your brows or applying the perfect amount of eye primer. It’s ideal for covering blemishes too.
F83 Dome Concealer / Face Brush is heavenly for applying and blending concealer, blush, foundation, primer, highlight or contour. Perfect for working into smaller areas of the face


This set is flawless for sculpting your bone structure and creating depth and definition on the face.
F87 Small Tapered Face Brush is a must-have for any makeup lover. Use it to apply blusher, bronzer or powder to larger areas of the face.
E90 Jumbo Blending Brush is a multi-purpose brush. Use it as a large eye blender, or precise highlighting, contouring or as a finishing powder brush

This Set is superior for creating definition on the face. Highlight to perfection with these 2 brushes
F88 Highlighter Brush is perfect for contouring, highlighting and finishing. This luxurious fan brush can be used as a soft blush, contour or highlighter finishing brush. Best used with loose or pressed powder products.
Blank Canvas E90 Jumbo Blending Brush is a multi-purpose brush. Use it as a large eye blender, or precise highlighting, contouring or as a finishing powder brush.

Ideal for camouflage makeup, face shaping and finishing
F81 – Curved painter style brush is designed to create a flawless base with flat fibres making it the perfect took for applying cream or liquid foundation
F20 – Buffer brush- an award winning multi-purpose face brush designed to stippler or buff foundation

The ultimate collection to nail the perfect smokey blend
E23 Pencil brush 25/26 Double Ended Blender brush,
E82 Tapered Oval Blending brush,
E85 Tapered Oval Blending brush,
E87 Small Blender brush,
E89 Mini Painter Style Concealer brush,
E92 Large Tapered Fluffy Blending brush


3 eye brushes perfect for creating a multitude of eye makeup looks, whether you want to go natural, glam or smoky.
E85 Tapered Oval Blending Brush is perfect for powder shadows, applying and blending out colour seamlessly.
E80 Large Flat Shader is the perfect tool for applying your base shadow or a wash of colour. Best used with powder shadow.
E92 Large Tapered Fluffy Blending Brush has a multi-purpose design making it a hugely versatile eye makeup brush. Best used with powder products

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