Blank Canvas say a fond farewell to the Pippa Palette

What was anticipated as a 6/12 month limited edition campaign has grown into 4 years of continuous love and success of the Pippa For Blank Canvas Palette. This was a sensational launch in 2015 and an instant sell out, selling many, many units in its first year and quickly became a mainstay in handbags, for nights out and make up artists kits.









Talking about the palette and what’s to come Blank Cosmetics said:

“The palette was trialled, tested, changed, scraped and tested some more over 18 months and we also squeezed in a trip to New York to shoot some of their campaign imagery. Together we designed, travelled and most importantly laughed together as friendship and business blossomed.

“All good things come to an end.. to make room for what’s next from Blank Canvas!”

Main Image Via Pippa O’Connor Instagram.