Eyelina is a boutique beauty business and training centre based in Cork. Alina Cugunova the proprietor travels all over the world training in the latest trends and methods of brows and lashes. Their appointment books fill quickly but they always welcome new clients with open arms. If you haven’t had a lash appointment with Eyelina, you are missing out!

What does it mean to you and the team to win Hi’s Most Stylish Beauty Entrepreneur 2018?

It means a lot! It means we are going in the right direction. It means we will keep doing it, even harder now! It is so nice to be recognised on a countrywide level for the courses I have attended and the hard work I have put in.

As ‘Most Stylish’, how would you describe your business’ style?

For us, it’s elegant, natural-looking looks and enhancing existing features without anything looking too overdone.

How did you and your team celebrate?

Going to such an amazing event is a celebration on its own. We really enjoyed getting ready for the night. The night itself was just amazing!

“This award is for Hi’s Most Stylish Beauty Entrepreneur 2018. Retraining and travelling all over Europe to bring the latest methods and
products to Ireland, showing women that beauty can be natural and effortless, ladies and gentlemen, Hi’s Most Stylish Beauty Entrepreneur 2018 ia Eyelina.”

What’s next for you and your business?

This is super busy time and we are nearly full during December, but there are new projects coming in 2019. I can’t wait to reveal the news to all my clients and of course the Hi Style readers. I will continue, of course, the development of both my business and my clients.

How/where will you be displaying the award?

It’s going to be in the Eyelina salon, proudly shining on our achievement shelf! We want everyone to know that we have been recognised.

Is there anything you’re doing that you’d like to promote currently?

Beauty can be natural. We are offering training courses on everything we do, and they are fully insurable. If anyone likes our work, there is no secret, you can learn it all. We want the world to have as many well-educated therapists as possible.

What motivates you and your team?

Client reviews and kind words. Awards are huge motivators as well. It’s so motivating to know your hard work is being noticed. We love making clients happy and showing them that beauty isn’t hard work, that we can help them achieve it.

Is there anyone you would like to thank?

All our clients and friends for support. They have been incredible; the number of good wishes has been phenomenal. Myself personally, I would like to thank my grandmother Zoe; she always believes in me like no one else!

119 Patrick Street, Cork
087 783 7633