The Casmara Dermocosmetic Laboratory was founded in 1974 bringing together over 40 years of high-tech cosmetic innovation. Their philosophy is simple, to offer effective skincare in an innovative way, through unique and exclusive formulas.

The entire range is designed based on commitment, quality and excellence.

Wedding Secrets by Casmara consists of two treatment options in five beautifully designed boxes. Each box contains a cleanser and a serum to help a bride prepare her skin for the most important day of her life.

Ideal for a bride to purchase for herself or a beautiful gift as an engagement or hen night present.

The Oxygenating box contains an oxygenating, foaming cleanser and oxygenating serum, while the Renovating box contains a three-action peeling cleanser and renovating serum. Both help to ensure your skin is flawless and glowing on your wedding day.


Oxygenating Wedding Box

This ritual is to purify and oxygenate the skin and help you get a face energised and full of brightness.

The activity of the cells that receive oxygen triples and cell division is increased by 20%.

Your skin becomes oxygenated and purified.




Renovating Wedding Box

This regenerating ritual improves the skin imperfections. It is designed to make the skin look perfect, totally renewed and with an even toneIn just 28 days, spots are blurred and fine lines are softened.

Casmara are pioneers within their industry and use only the highest quality natural ingredients. These are delivered using the most advanced technology from a family run business that respect and protect their environment. They are proud to say that they never have and never will test on animals!