October Check your boobs and your brows.


October is Breast Cancer awareness month and with so many women and their families in Ireland being affected Mel from the Brow Bar Boutique is not only raising funds but also reaching our to women to offer help.


One thing I know every woman dreads during chemo is the loss of their beautiful hair and brows. The thing about losing your brows is that it announces to the world that you’re sick. Without eyebrows to frame your eyes and give structure to your face, there’s no hiding that something’s wrong. You can wear a wig, or you can disguise your pale complexion with makeup but you still don’t feel like you.  In my experience nothing forces you to know what you want from eyebrows like not having any. These are a massive part of women’s’ identity and any small difference I can make to someone’s confidence is a day I win. At “The Brow Bar Boutique” we are committed to helping our sisters that are suffering. We can teach you how to use gel powder or a pencil to create a brow. Once they grow back, we can shape and tint them and help you restore them to their former glory. Pop into one of our Brow Boutiques for a complimentary consultation.