The only thing you can get in shape without actually working out? Your brows! Start your new year off with beautiful, tamed and strong brows because let’s be real it’s the only thing were getting in shape any time soon! KISS have made it super easy to get your desired shape to suit your face with these 3 new launches

KISS Beautiful Brow Kit – €10.00

An all in one pallet that shapes, defines, fills and sets eyebrows to stunning results. Customise your powder to as light or dark as preferred and finish using the wax to tame brow hairs and keep them in place once filling and shaping.

Includes 2 brow colours, highlighter, wax, razor and 4 brow shape stencils



KISS Beautiful Tool Kit €9.50
 For expert precision–without the makeup artist expense–these brow tools are a must have. From a pro spoolie brush to slant-tip tweezers, you can create perfectly polished brows with ease.
Includes Spoolie brush, Scissor/comb, 2 Razors & tweezers



KISS Multi Brow Shaper €4.95
 Finish off your perfectly perfected brows with KISS multi-shaper for quick and easy removal of that soft hair on face and neck and easily shapes and trims those straggly leftover brow hairs.




 Get those #Browgoals from kiss x