C & C Hair Design began in March, 2018, and has gone from strength to strength since opening. So far they have been the fifth salon in Ireland to take over Olaplex’s Snapchat and at present have been nominated for Salon of the Year in the South West region, by the Irish Hair and Beauty Awards. These prestigious awards will take place on September 9, 2018, in the Crown Plaza Dublin. They are also nominated for a Cointreau Hi Style Award.

A duo, the proprietors Casey and Chermaine are sisters. Casey is a senior stylist and fully qualified in all aspects of hairdressing. She holds a Joico colour master’s degree to name a few and Chermaine is a junior stylist and will be fully qualified at the end of 2018. She holds a Joico and Alfaparf care consultant certificate. Both ladies are trained extensionists. The partnership between them is so passionate and fun. Both are directors of C & C Hair Design with over 30 years’ experience between them. They work at the highest level of standards and having worked with some of the best salons in the hairdressing industry, they continue to thrive to do better on a continuous basis. They carry industry greats on their shelves such as Alfaparf, Joico Tangle Teezer, Create Images Color Wow, Balmain and Moroccan oil. They decided to open a salon on Cobh, because it is both local but with plenty of stylish potential customers. “Cobh is vibrant and happening right now and we wanted to give the town a bit of pizazz, C & C style.”

Chermaine told us about her favourite part of her job. “Getting to meet new people on a day to day basis and building new friendships, but most importantly, making people feel good about themselves.” Telling us about her career to date, she said: “I started my apprenticeship 14 years ago and I have trained and worked hard to get to where I am today, and I continue to do so at present. I love getting to be creative! When a client sits in my chair and tells me how they would like their hair to be like, I get to deliver that for them and seeing the look on their faces at the end of their visit is so rewarding. The challenges that we face are the long hours and your bones aching at the end of every day.”

When we asked Chermaine for a non-hair related style tip, of course, she stayed on the face. “Jewellery should accentuate your features, a client once told me the right pair of earrings can flatter your face shape. For argument’s sake, a drop earring makes the face look more defined and slimmer.”

When asked about her own style, she said: “Think strategically, dress professionally, yet comfortably, for work. Don’t try to be someone you’re not be yourself.” And of course, her style icon? “Kris Jenner: she’s some woman for one woman. She gives us a run for our money. Kris doesn’t let her age defy her, she’s fearless and knows how to accessorise and is not afraid to recycle an outfit. That to me says confidence at any age.” In terms of a business icon, Chermaine chose Oprah Winfrey. “She is the most influential woman in the world. She is tenacious and elegant, while being powerful and a top-class business woman.”

The future at C & C? Chermaine confided: “I hope to build an honest friendship with clients present and new. This will help the business grow and become more established. In five years, I see the salon in a bigger premise and being a one-stop-shop for all your hair and beauty needs. We would love to offer hair services, body waxing, tanning, eyelash extensions, makeup and facials with skin care rituals and have a big space for retail that is separate to the salon, so walk-in clients don’t feel intimidated walking in to have a browse at retail. Currently our space is small yet perfectly laid out.”

And for other people starting on Chermaine’s well-travelled road, she offers this advice: “In a nutshell continuous education! Be thankful for what you have, and you’ll have more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you’ll never have enough. When becoming an apprentice be observant, enthusiastic and want to learn. An educator will pick up on this and push you further and then you will excel. Educators love students that are like sponges and the more you learn, the more they will provide you with in terms of tutelage.”

Casey said the part she loves most about her job is the feeling of how quick you can change how someone feels about themselves. “Hard work and constantly assisting educators at the top of their game and lots of learning, with passion to love it, is what drives me forward. I’ll never stop growing or learning. Hairdressing is such a dynamic industry that evolves quickly. You must move with it or risk being left behind. The hardest parts are long hours and hard work. Sometimes the emotion you put into your job isn’t enough. The busier times, although they give a buzz, they can be exhausting but at the end of the day hairdressing is rewarding. The hardest decision you’ll ever make is to give up or work harder.”

The best piece of advice Casey got? “Be yourself always, if you feel good roll with it. No matter what that is, style, business or life.” Does she have a style icon? “No, I don’t have a style icon, I am inspired by everyone. Everyone has something to give. Be it positivity, self-ambition, work ethic and a strong mind, there is something great about everyone. My business icon would be a lady that inspired me from my first day as an apprentice. She trained me hard, made me cry, but made me tough and knowledgeable. Hairdressing is a tough profession and that grounding gave it all to me.”

Her plans? “My plans are to keep evolving, I want to get better and hope to expand and to offer more services, so keep watching. Teaching, educating and travelling. Getting inspired by hairdressers old and new. Constantly educating myself, lots of courses and just having fun!”

Her advice at all upcoming apprentices? “Train regularly, listen, learn, mimic successful people, enjoy it and have fun and don’t be defined by the industry”.

Finally, the duo feels you shouldn’t have to travel for good quality services. Why not have them on your doorstep? Casey and Chermaine feel the way forward is through education, not only for themselves but for the clients. “We explain to each of our clients what we are doing throughout their hair journey, so they have an understanding as to what’s happening when they visit our salon. The client will always come first for us.”

C & C Hair Design
5 Harbour Row, Cobh, Cork
021 485 5449
Snapchat: CChairdesign