There’s a new brow expert in town!

2019 is the year of the brow! There may have been a strong beauty focus on brows for the last few years but this year we’re waxing, threading, tweezing, tinting, shaping, filling and styling our brows with more devotion than ever before.

What’s also new is the array of tools we now have at our disposal to transform our faces by creating the perfect brow. Previously, one brand dominated when it came to this definitive facial-feature but the business of brows is about to change for good… there’s now a new brow expert in town.

Catrice Cosmetics brings you the most on-trend, high-quality, luxurious products at a surprisingly affordable price and they’re on a mission to change the brow game forever….

Introducing the new 21-piece Catrice brow collection, comprising of a complete suite of beauty must-haves to help you master your brows. To launch the collection, Catrice Cosmetics is partnering with acclaimed ‘brow master’ Kim O’Sullivan (Dublin Makeup Academy) to provide tips and tricks on using the products and how to create the perfect brow.

Kim said:

“I feel that brows should compliment the face, not overpower your features. But finding the right product can be overwhelming. It’s important to remember that different products will give you a different effect—and how a product looks on another person’s brows won’t necessarily look the same on yours”.

Here are Kim’s top tips for choosing the perfect product to suit your brow style:

Sparse brows/Gappy brows

“If you have sparse brows, then try using a thin brow pencil. The Catrice Slim‘Matic Ultra Precise Brow Pencil (€3.50) is a dream for brows as the thin, precise tip will help mimic natural brow hairs and is long-lasting with a hard, waxy formula that adheres to skin. This pencil is also perfect for those who tend to have a heavy hand, as the pigmentation is more sheer. As always, remember to blend with a brush.”


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Enhancing your brows

“If you already have good brows and just want to enhance them, I love the Catrice Eye Brow Set brow (€4.60) powders for natural yet defined brows. The brow brush which comes with the set will give you more precision than a pencil, yet the softness of the powder will create the most natural effect–just make sure to blend everything out with the brow spoolie at the other end of the brush. Or if you’d rather use a clear formula gel, the Catrice Lash/Brow Clear Shaping and Conditioning Mascara (€3.50) is fast-drying with a natural finish to give those brows the finished look.”

Filling in your brows

“Filling in your brows, even just a tiny bit, can pull together an entire makeup look and change your face completely. The highly pigmented Catrice Eye brow Stylist (€2.90) and the innovative tip of the Brow Comb Designer Pro (€3.95) are the perfect tools to define the shape of your brows.”


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Brow colour

Choosing the right colour for your brows is crucial. Blondes should go a shade darker to lift and open the eyes but keep the tone ashy. If you have dark brown hair, choose a light or medium brown shade. The Catrice Brow Colorist Semi-Permanent Brow Mascara (€4.40) is available in five shades and tints brows with each use, giving light brows more definition. The new brow gel also has a fibre-enriched gel formula, so it will not only groom and tame unruly hairs but can also be used to help build volume. To make brows appear fuller, first brush brows down and then brush them back up into place.

Commenting on the Catrice brow collection Kim says, “I love the Catrice brow collection as there’s so much choice in both product textures and shades, there’s a brow tool for your every brow need”.

Whatever your brow dilemma, style and shape, Catrice Cosmetics have a solution for you and the best part, each one can be purchased for under €5. Get ready to get those brows on fleek with our gap-filling, arch-perfecting, long-lasting, super-pigmented and cruelty-free 21-piece Catrice brow collection.