The effects  of CBD oil – derived from the hemp plant – have been well documented in recent years as the ancient plant has become popularised once more, thanks in large part to celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston. There is a growing body of evidence that suggests that CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system which regulates many functions in the body. Celtic Wind’s careful curation of all-natural, beautiful products combine the effects of CBD oil with the best that nature has to offer, resulting in a truly innovative skincare range like no other.



Celtic Wind Skincare CBD Muscle Balm


A wonderful product that will soothe and relax the body, the Celtic Wind CBD Muscle Balm sees the CBD oil interact with turmeric’s most active compound, curcumin. Add to this another  wonderful compound in the form of high quality frankincense oil and your muscles and skin will feel amazing. Apply a small amount to fingers and massage into desired areas.





Muscle Balm 40ml Jar 300 Mil CBD €44.95

Muscle Balm 40ml Jar 600 Mil CBD €54.95  




Celtic Wind Skincare CBD Body Oil


Celtic Wind’s Body Oil harnesses the skin-boosting powers of CBD into a luxurious, 100% natural oil that balances and revitalises the skin. Featuring sweet almond oil (which itself is packed with moisturising Vitamin E, Vitamin A, protein, potassium, zinc and fatty acids) and May Chang, with toning and refreshing qualities, this citrus-scented oil boasts anti-ageing properties while energising and resurfacing the skin. Your skin will instantly look and feel more youthful.



Body Oil 100ml 200 Mgms CBD €44.95  




Celtic Wind Skincare CBD Lip Balm


An element of skincare often overlooked: the lips. This rich and protective lip balm nourishes lips to keep them soft and soothed throughout the winter months. With a light vanilla scent, and enriched with Vitamin E, Shea Butter (which features Vitamin F to maintain your lips’ elasticity) and Vanilla Oil, you can wave goodbye to chapped, dry lips, while ensuring you’re protected from environmental pollutants and toxins. This lip balm works in a twofold way: first it moisturises the lips, forming a barrier to keep the moisture locked in. Then it smoothes the texture of your lips, alleviating any roughness.





Lip Balm 5 ml 10mg CBD €12.95



About Celtic Wind CBD


Grown in harmony with the Irish climate and soil, Irish brand Celtic Wind’s CBD is like no other; rather than extract CBD from the hemp plant, they use cold pressing techniques to squeeze the whole of the hemp plant goodness into the bottle. This means that the oil, complete with 150 compounds and nutrients, is more effectively absorbed by the skin.



Paul McCourt, founder of Celtic Wind, has long been inspired by the enduring power and rich history of the humble hemp plant (used in many ways since the dawn of the agricultural revolution). He developed Celtic Wind, a fully sustainable, Irish hemp business focused on premium products and

supplements that are all 100% natural. They believe in a truly sustainable future, reflected in their wide range of natural products.