Ciara Beary is the owner of V Hair Design one of Tipperary’s most popular salons. V Hair Design a unique upscale salon offering total hair care services using Alfaparf Milano . It was founded in 2009 by Ciara. The main goal is to provide fabulous customer satisfaction by rendering excellent service, utilising quality products, and furnishing an enjoyable, relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. Ciaras vision is to provide beautiful hair to every client, while giving them a style they can maintain. We caught up with owner and creative director Ciara.



Tell us about yourself, your company, job profile, etc.

My name is Ciara I’m hairdressing nearly 15 years now. It was always what I wanted to do from a young age. I trained in Waterford and finished my training in a salon in Clonmel where I received some amazing training. I opened V Hair Design in October 2009 we are ten years in business on the 29th of October I can’t believe it. To be honest I thought I wouldn’t even last a year.  The salon has gone from strength to strength in the last few years I find social media a great asset to the business. In the business itself I have a masters colour degree, so I specialize in colour I love colouring it’s my passion. I would stand all day doing all types of colour and cuts. I’m always pushing myself to do better or do more for my customers and myself

Who has inspired you in your life and why?

A lot of people inspire me but if I had to pick one id have to say my ex employer Cathy O’Reilly she was and still is an amazing businesswomen I received some of my best training from Cathy. And I’ll never forget her for that Cathy taught me a lot even by just working along side her everyday I learnt so much. She ran one of the best salons in the country for over 30 years and to be honest if I’m even half the businesswoman she is I will be very happy.

If you were stranded on a deserted island, what three things would you have and why? Oh now

First, I must bring a photo of my family who I’d never be able to do what I do without them.

I’d have to say eyelashes for sure I look asleep without them.

And my phone so I could still promote the salon and of course check out all the gossip with @HISTYLEIE

In a team environment, what role do you usually take on? I’m the go to person for all things in the salon we are all friends we all get on great and have a great laugh. I’m the owner but I don’t ever address myself as the boss as I don’t want anyone feeling uncomfortable. Everyone comments on the lovely atmosphere in the salon and I think that’s because I don’t give myself that title “THE BOSS”. It doesn’t lend itself to a team. We work together to deliver a great service.

What three things do you need to be successful in your job?

COMPASSION, PASSION, UPDATED TRAINING AND DRIVE I’ve met a lot of hairdressers over the last number of years and there are two very different types of hairdresser. There are those would think of hairdressing as a JOB and those that think of it as a career.

How do you define success and how do you measure up to your own definition?

I think everyone is successful. The first rule is never comparing yourself to anyone. We all blossom at different times. I’ve had moments I thought I would close my doors, but it takes hard work and commitment to become the person you want to be. That stands for business as well as personally. The support of the people around you is an essential part of success. People may say I’ve a very successful business, but it takes a lot of behind the scenes people to help with that success. I’m grateful and blessed to have an amazing husband and amazing kids that let me do what I must do. In my eye’s success is measure by not just one person but a team of people be it your family. friends or colleagues. Happiness is the ultimate success.

Which of the two animals would you say you are most like — a sheep or a wolf — and why?

I’ve no idea I’d say more like a sheep I’m quite soft and can be very emotional. I like peace and harmony and wolves aren’t peaceful.