Nuan Cashmere is the label of Irish-born designer Caoimhe Ryan, who offers luxury and unique 100% cashmere styles. Each item is created using the purest yarns and quality craftsmanship, to express the timeless beauty of this wonderful coveted yarn. Nuan have built their reputation with a dedication to classic, elegant, and modern styles in limited edition collections, created from cashmere of the highest quality.

Nuan Cashmere, The Coco Collection, Coco Turtleneck, €413


Their mission is to provide much-loved investment apparel to a discerning clientele who believes “less is more” and “investment dressing”; purchasing less clothing, but choosing high-quality items made with great care that can be worn for years. The COCO collection is available online at


The COCO Collection is Nuan Cashmere’s signature collection. Reflecting Parisian style chic tailoring, COCO designs are recognisable by the texture of basket weave stitch and glamorous fringed detailing. The COCO Collection was designed to create knitwear that makes one feel confident, elegant and chic. This is what makes this collection so special; luxury coupled with versatility. Nuan endeavoured to make styles that could be worn by anyone of any age and body type, from day to evening. Many of the COCO styles can be worn with a distressed jean, a corporate suit, or a little black dress.

Nuan Cashmere, The Coco Collection, Coco Coat, €999


Not only are the pieces stylistically versatile, but the fringed paneling of the Coat, Jacket and Modern Biker Jacket is universally flattering on any body type. The style, simplicity and elegance of the COCO Collection make every piece an investment piece. 


The first of the COCO collection was the COCO Classic Jacket. Following its success by cashmere lovers, inspired the design of a new style suited to harsher winters – the COCO Coat. This longer variation of the COCO Jacket can be worn as a layering piece in cold months and also as an outer piece in Autumn and Spring. Since 2012, many more designs and colours have been added to the COCO Collection, including the COCO Hoodie, COCO Vest, COCO Biker and unisex COCO Infinity Scarf.

The nature of Nuan cashmere ensures that COCO pieces can be worn no matter the weather. Three times warmer than sheep’s wool, the cashmere fleece contains tiny crimps which hold in pockets of warm air. NUAN means ‘warm’ in Mandarin Chinese, and the four-leaf clover in their logo embraces Caoimhe’s Irish cultural heritage and symbolises faith, hope, love, and luck.


The COCO collection is available online