I love the Cleanse Off Mitt for a number of reasons, but primarily to travel with. Recently I have noticed that hotels don’t put facecloths in the room anymore which is fine, and when they do the sheer amount of slap I wear causes embarassment. The facecloths are possibly dumped because of the liner, mascara and foundation combo. They see me coming and are like no flannels in her room!

Enter the cleanse off mitt. Compact, soft and easy to use after a few wines. The only thing I found with it was that there was no bag as such to put it in. Fear not the wonderful team at Skin Nerd HQ have changed it. They is what they had to say ….

he COM’s New Clothes

The Cleanse Off Mitt now has a new look – a bright and bubbly hot pink and sleek grey pairing to attract eyeballs and appeal to the demographic that cares about cool. The protective packaging is now reusable to keep your COM clean, no matter where you’re taking it, whether it’s the gym, on holidays or home!


With Skingredients now in the mix (+ match), you may be asking where the Cleanse Off Mitt fits in. They’ve added 00 to the packaging, because the Cleanse Off Mitt is the official 00 step of your Skingredients Core 4: 01 PreProbiotic Cleanse, 02 Skin Veg, 03 Skin Protein and 04 Skin Shield SPF 50 PA +++.


A new Cleanse Off Mitt website has just launched – check it out!


The Cleanse Off Mitt: Cutting Down On Single-Use Beauty Waste

Our COMverts have purchased a massive 500,000 Cleanse Off Mitts to date around the world. By our estimate, that’s potentially 45 million wipes that haven’t been used.*


Not only is the Cleanse Off Mitt friendlier to the skin than wipes, it’s friendlier to the planet. The majority of wipes are not recyclable or compostable and end up contributing greatly to landfill, or being flushed and ending up in the ocean.


Even cotton pads aren’t the solution. Most cotton pads are treated and bleached to keep them looking and smelling good, and these processes mean that the naturally biodegradable cotton is no longer suitable for composting.


The Cleanse Off Mitt helps to cut down on single-use beauty waste but we know we still have a ways to go.


(*We recommend to replace the Cleanse Off Mitt after three months. Most use two wipes per makeup removal nightly, but we’re going to round it down to one wipe for those who are efficient wipe users. One month of using the Cleanse Off Mitt replaces approximately 30 wipes, so three months of usage equals 90 wipes, meaning our guesstimate of 45 million wipes (90 wipes x 500,000 COMs.)

Our COMmitment


Right now, the Cleanse Off Mitt is made of polyester, which is not biodegradable, and although we have upgraded to reusable packaging that makes it easier to transport your Cleanse Off Mitt safely from sink to sink, we want to make sure the Cleanse Off Mitt is not harmful to our planet.


We are officially COMmitting to a biodegradable Cleanse Off Mitt made of sustainably-sourced material by December 2020. That’s not all. The packaging will be biodegradable too. It’s not going to be an easy job, but it will be a worthwhile one.



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