Cleansing 101 with Uriage: 4 key products for getting your skin squeaky clean

Cleansing is essential to eliminate all impurities that have accumulated on your skin’s surface (sweat, sebum, dead cells, dust, cosmetics)

Water alone cannot eliminate all impurities and pollutants accumulated throughout the day. For greater effectiveness, it must be combined with what we call “surfactant” substances, which have the capacity to “dampen skin” and trap impurities.

“Real” soap is too harsh on the skin as it eliminates the surface hydrolipidic film, the skin’s essential shield from external aggressions, and its alkaline pH causes an imbalance in the cutaneous flora.

It is therefore essential to choose effective cleansing products, preferably soap-free, formulated with surfactants carefully selected for their extremely gentle action.

To ensure your skin is thoroughly cleansed and hydrated, follow our favourite Uriage skin routine.


Uriage Cleansing Make-Up Remover Foam

This crystal-clear lotion transforms into an airy light foam that gently removes make-up and cleanses skin. Soap-free, it respects the natural balance of the skin, leaving it soft, comfortable and clean.

It removes make-up and cleanses, while restoring radiance, softness and comfort to the skin. It eliminates impurities that accumulate daily and adds a fresh glow to the complexion.

Uriage Cleansing Make-Up Remover Foam 150ml RRP €19.50 – Available in pharmacies nationwide, and at


Uriage Cleansing Milk

The Uriage Cleansing Milk is a fluid and creamy texture that eliminates the skin’s impurities and leaves skin feeling pleasantly soft and comfortable.

The ultra-soft and moisturizing cleansing base removes all impurities. Uriage Thermal Water moisturizes and softens the skin. Ideal for Face and eyes. Apply delicately to the face and neck with a cotton pad. With or without rinsing.

Uriage Cleansing Milk 500ml RRP €18.00 – Available in pharmacies nationwide, and at


Uriage Gentle Jelly Face Scrub

A gentle and refreshing face gel that cleanses skin, eliminates impurities and dead cells in one step, while reviving the complexion’s radiance. Thanks to its exfoliating silica-beads, it gently eliminates dead skin cells to stimulate cellular renewal while eliminating all impurities from the skin.

This face scrub will purify your skin, reviving its natural radiance. Massage onto clean skin once or twice a week, avoiding the eye contour. Rinse thoroughly.

Uriage Gentle Jelly Face Scrub 50ml RRP €18.50 – Available in pharmacies nationwide, and at


Uriage Rich Water Cream

This moisturising rich smooth cream nourishes the thirstiest skin deep down. This rich water cream formulated with Uriage Thermal Water helps to rebuild the skin barrier to maintain an optimum moisturisation level.

The cream continuously optimises the moisturisation of the epidermis. This cream helps to recreate a film on the surface and gradually releases the moisturising agents contained in the Rich Water Cream.  It nourishes skin and protects against aggressions.  It illuminates the complexion, it reduces sensations of discomfort perfectly comforting. The skin is energized and softened thanks to a formula enriched with Shea Butter it helps the skin to regain an optimal level of hydration for up to 24 hours and delivers a sensation of comfort to the skin all day long.  It has a fresh and refined fragrance whilst being hypoallergenic and non- comedogenic.

Uriage Rich Water Cream 40ml RRP €21.50 – Available in pharmacies nationwide, and at