Comedian Neil Delamere and beauty expert and entrepreneur Pamela Laird invite the people of Cork to make every step count for the third successive Alzheimer’s Memory Walk, proudly supported by Irish Life, which is taking place nationwide on Sunday, September 18th, during World Alzheimer’s Month 2022.  

Alzheimer’s Memory Walk is a family-friendly event suitable for all ages and abilities to unite together with their families and communities to raise awareness and funds for dementia support. The ASI hopes that 3,000 walkers across Ireland will help us raise €250,000 for vital services that help to support so many people with dementia and their family carers across Ireland.

An estimated 7,509 people live with dementia in Cork, and 64,000 people live with Dementia in Ireland which will more than double in the next 25 years to over 150,000 by 2045. However, there is one thing you can do to help – you can Walk Together on Sunday, September 18th

Walk with your household, family, friends and pets; it’s guaranteed to be a fun event. You can choose where you walk, whether your back garden or the local park – remember, on Sunday, September 18th – Let’s Walk Together. Family-friendly prices are €8 for kids and €20 for adults. 


  1. SIGN UP – Register on we’ll send you your Walk Participant Pack and t-shirt 
  2. PLAN your route for Sunday, 18th September and Let’s Walk Together 
  3. SHARE photos and videos of Your Walk on Social Media, and remember to use the hashtags #ASIMemoryWalk, #LetsWalkTogether and #PowerOfSupport. 

Can’t participate in Alzheimer’s Memory Walk this year? You can still go the extra distance for people living with dementia by donating to 

Comedian and ASI ambassador Neil Delamere said: “I’m excited to team up with The Alzheimer Society of Ireland and show my support for Alzheimer’s Memory Walk. Alzheimer’s and dementia are huge issues for our society. We can all do our part and Walk on Sunday, September 18th to raise much-needed funds for the 500,000 people in Ireland whose families have been affected by dementia. The ASI relies on funds to keep its support and services going such as daycare, home care, dementia advisers, family carer training, Alzheimer’s Cafes and social clubs. As demand continues to increase, so does the pressure on these support services; every day, at least 30 people are diagnosed with dementia in Ireland – even people in their 30s/40s/50s. We can all lend a hand and support this important fundraising campaign so more people who are living with dementia in our communities can access the supports and services they need. Join us on September 18th for Alzheimer’s Memory Walk; whether you walk by yourself, with your family or with your friends, you can help make a huge difference in the lives of people with dementia in Ireland, and their carers. Sign up now on” 

Pamela Laird is delighted to back the campaign and has shared her family connection with dementia as her father, Sylvester, was diagnosed with dementia in 2016. The Dublin-based entrepreneur has said while the family started noticing changes with her father as far back as 2010, the dementia diagnosis was still very challenging for them all to deal with – especially when the pandemic. The former Dragons Den and the BBC’s Apprentice contestant wants to spotlight dementia during World Alzheimer’s Month and encourage others to reach out for support – like a member of her family did when they completed The ASI’s family carer training course. Pamela is doing the walk with her mother Yvonne and her Chihuahua, Tallulah, and wants others to do the same.

Beauty expert, entrepreneur and ASI Ambassador, Pamela Laird said: “I am delighted to return as an ambassador for Alzheimer’s Memory Walk again this year – it’s an excellent way to bring families and communities together to raise vital money and awareness during World Alzheimer’s Month 2022. The Alzheimer Society of Ireland does excellent work throughout the country, and my family have used their support to help my dad with his journey with dementia. The ASI needs to keep fundraising to keep its services running. Through my father’s diagnosis of dementia, I am all too aware of what so many families go through in Ireland – the confusion, the sadness and the isolation. It’s at a time like this that we need to remember those alone and get them the support that they desperately need. During Alzheimer’s Month 2022, I want to put a spotlight on dementia as it desperately needs our attention. You can walk 5km, 10k or whatever distance you can do; Let’s Walk Together. Alzheimer’s Memory Walk is suitable for all ages and abilities to unite together with our families and communities to raise awareness and vital funds for dementia supports and services. I’m looking forward to taking part in the Alzheimer’s Memory Walk on Sunday, September 18th. I would encourage everyone to do the same, it’s so simple. Go to for details.”

Fundraising Manager Nikki Keegan said: “We are looking forward to walking together for those living with dementia on what promises to be a great event for all the family. We can’t put into words what it means to have the support of our wonderful ambassadors, Pamela and Neil, our sponsor and CSR partner, Irish Life and our public supporters. Thank you all for being part of the Alzheimer’s Memory Walk. We are excited to get out on September 18th, walking together, supporting people with dementia.” 

Irish Life Staff Charities Committee member John Roberts said: “Irish Life is honoured to support the Memory Walk, the flagship event in 2022 for The Alzheimer Society of Ireland. Some of our team at Irish Life have first-hand experience of the effects that Alzheimer’s can have on us and our loved ones. This was a key reason why we chose The Alzheimer Society of Ireland as one of our Irish Life Staff Charities for 2022. We hope to bring the power of our support to this wonderful event so that Irish Life can play a small part to help deliver vital benefits to those who live with and support people with dementia in Ireland.”