TV Chef Paul Flynn’s new six-part series Paul’s Food Truck Favourites will hit RTÉ One on July 6, exploring Ireland’s thriving street food scene.

The series, sponsored by Kerrygold, is the culmination of a career dream for Aperture Media founder Daniel Fleming, head of the Cork company that specialises in creative video production.

Fleming said: “Prior to setting up Aperture Media back in 2011, I started out working as a runner and camera assistant, then I became a freelance camera operator and worked my way up to Director of Photography (DOP) on Irish TV programmes. Since setting up the business, my team and I have worked on many commercial shoots and all sorts of content creation. As a young business owner, it’s a big dream for me and my team to produce our TV series for RTÉ, and we’re looking forward to working on many more!

“This series had been in the works for a year before Covid-19 hit and originally it was based on featuring food trucks that travelled around the country attending music and arts festivals like Electric Picnic. When Covid hit, we had to put the project on hold but during the restrictions, we saw a huge increase in the number of food trucks taking off. We decided to alter the concept for the series and thankfully both RTÉ and Kerrygold were still on board a year later. We managed to get all the filming done during August and September 2021. We still had covid concerns and safety protocols during filming, but thankfully most of the filming was outdoors.”

While the hospitality trade faced pandemic lockdowns, food trucks enjoyed a boom in recent years as the nation turned to eat al fresco, making the updated Paul’s Food Truck Favourites more relevant than ever.

Each episode is centred around a specific ingredient – from beef or pork to lamb or seafood. Flynn and the Aperture Media production team travelled the length and breadth of the country to see the food truck chefs serving up mouth-watering street food.

Paul Flynn’s Food Truck Favourites is a six-part series starting on July 6 on RTÉ One and proudly sponsored by Kerrygold.