You can’t beat nude nails!

When we think of Cutex, we often think of it as a brand synonymous with nail polish remover but in fact, they do a lot more. From a nail concealer (we never knew there was such a thing!) to care and colour polishes, Cutex is definitely a brand we will be paying more attention to the next time we go on a Boots excursion. 

Cutex BB Nail Concealer €5.99

Tired of looking at damaged nails between nail appointments? Or are you done with the days of damaging your nails with acrylics and gel and want to work on getting them back to their full health?  The Cutex BB Nail Concealer instantly conceals nail damage and nourishes nails while they regain strength!
The unique formula smoothes and conceals surface nail damage while defending against peels, breaks and splits. After removal on the fifth day, nails look healthier, brighter and feel stronger.

The BB Nail Concealer contains a microbead polymer to smooth nails by filling in ridges and helping defend against peels, breaks and splits.  The Silk Powder & Acrylic Polymer allows nails to bend and stretch while strengthening and restoring

Cutex Care+Color Nail Polish €4.99

Finish with the perfect beige tones in the new range of Cutex nail polishes for Spring 2019 – ‘Walking on Clouds’, ‘Catch the Sunset’ and ‘Two Dozen Roses’. These new polishes are ultra-nourishing with a vitamin-enriched strengthener to care for your nails.

Nude nails are one of the most flattering tones to wear as they elongate your fingers and pair well with any outfit. Yep, we think we need the entire collection!

Cutex Treatments and Polishes are available in all good pharmacies nationwide.